Sunday, February 5, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

How VivaRays Creator Roudy Nassif Discovered This Holistic Wellness Secret | with Adiel Gorel

As a child with ADHD and an adult with fatigue, depression and other challenges, Roudy Nassif made a breakthrough discovery about artificial and natural light. He took a deep dive into the way light impacts us and went on to create VivaRays. He shares his story with Adiel Gorel here.

Key Insights:

✅ Roudy Nassif founded VivaRays – the world’s first 3-lens blue light management glasses. For much of his early life he struggled with low energy, mood & productivity issues.

✅ Spending weeks in a rural setting in Quebec was life changing for him; like magic after 25 years of suffering. He found that natural and artificial light profoundly impact health.

✅ Roudy consulted with experts and did his own research into circadian rhythms, quantum physics, and quantum biology, and came to the conclusion that humans are light beings.

✅ Humans have evolved to respond to natural light, sunrise, sunset, the seasons and the quality of light at the mitochondrial level. Artificial light confuses and tricks the brain.

✅ His discoveries led him to the creation of light management glasses for different times of the day and night. He explains how these can be used by clipping on to existing glasses.

Author, Investment Expert and Wellness Advocate Adiel Gorel isn’t just an expert in his chosen fields but also a storyteller who makes complex issues easily accessible. Tune in to his show where he addresses diverse issues with a single aim to improve quality of life.

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0:00 Introduction
1:46 Roudy’s story
5:12 The impact of light exposure
12:20 Light nutrition and optimal health
18:20 Light and circadian rhythm – tips for better sleep
25:54 Blue light from devices

How to watch TV without harming health
Circadian rhythm
Blue light impact
Solution for blue light exposure
How to improve sleep quality

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