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Rejuvenation Roundup Podcast – February 2022

This February 2022 episode of the Rejuvenation Roundup Podcast features our Rejuvenation Roundup, a clip of a recent Life Noggin video announcing that they’ve joined the family, and Ryan O’Shea’s episode of Lifespan News discussing WIRED’s recent focus on life extension with Nir Barzilai and Morgan Levine. You can also subscribe on your favorite podcasting platform! Learn more at

0:00 Intro
0:46 Yale Caloric Restriction Study Discovers Benefits
2:18 NAD+ Levels Correlated with Age and Physical Activity
3:57 The Impact of Diabetes on Stem Cells and Cardiac Health
6:14 New Videos, including Life Noggin Episode on Life Extension Devices
11:01 Ryan O’Shea’s Lifespan News discusses Morgan Levine on WIRED

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Age-related diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and cancer, are some of the worst drains on our society, both in terms of personal suffering and socio-economic effects. One of the reasons why our work is so important is that, historically, research aimed at tackling these diseases has been focused at the end stages of such maladies, when it is too late to reverse the damage that has been done. A good analogy is a tree: what makes more sense — spending a ton of money trying to cure a branch of a branch, or directing that focus to the trunk of the tree itself? Aging is the greatest risk factor for all of these major diseases, and in many cases, it is ultimately the primary cause. While it may seem hard to believe, biological science has finally progressed enough to begin targeting the root mechanisms of aging, and — thanks to the efforts of the world-renowned researchers and labs we work with, such as Drs. David Sinclair, George Church, and Aubrey de Grey — is beginning to bring aging, and therefore these diseases, under medical control. Everything we’ve done thus far, and everything we will do in the future, is thanks to your support, and that is why we are asking you to stand with us – to be a Lifespan Hero and help us improve the lives of not just ourselves and our family members, but everyone in the entire world. Together, we can do this. Be a Hero.

Join us, and together, we can overcome diseases like Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and cancer by addressing their shared source: the aging processes themselves.

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5 thoughts on “Rejuvenation Roundup Podcast – February 2022
  1. A minor correction about the Yale CALERIE study. Participants were asked to reduce their caloric intake by 25%. What they achieved in actuality was a 14% reduction which speaks to the difficulty in reducing caloric intake. But nonetheless they did find benefits with that amount of restriction.

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