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REVERSE AGING: What To Eat & When To Eat To For LONGEVITY | David Sinclair & Steven Gundry

Full show notes and transcript:
We’ve all dreamed about living a longer, healthier life – being there for our children, grandchildren, and if we’re lucky our great grandchildren which is exactly why we are revisiting one of our most popular episodes to date.

On this episode, I’m joined by none other than Harvard scientist and world-renowned longevity expert Dr. David Sinclair.

Dr. Sinclair and I discuss the most dangerous meal of the day, the benefits of “stressed out” food, and the cutting edge technology that could one day help ALL of us live healthy lives into our 100s — and beyond.
We even discuss the one food secret that all of the world’s longest-living populations share.
Believe me — this is an episode worth revisiting!
In this episode, you’ll learn:
Why aging is a disease — and why that matters for your health
The diabetes drug with a surprising side effect — it actually DELAYS aging in animals
How Dr. Sinclair’s dad PROVED an 80 year-old can look and feel younger than someone decades younger
“What doesn’t kill you makes you live longer”
Why your FOOD should be more stressed out than you are
The “small plate” method that could add YEARS to your lifespan
Why THIS meal is like force feeding yourself. “It’s not just a waste of money — it’s dangerous.”
The one dietary secret shared by ALL the longest-living people on the planet
One FREE resource you’re not using enough of — and why it can help you live a longer, healthier life
The molecule that can “turn on” your body’s defenses against aging (and how you can get it)
The “reprogramming” technique that could one day help YOU turn back the clock on aging
Why fasting has a “toxic dark side” (and how you can do it safely every time)
How damaging sugar really is and how to identify hidden sugars in your food
How just a cup of this “healthy” drink can negatively affect your white blood cells
Why starvation can actually protect you from bacteria and viruses
The weight-inducing ingredient that hit the pleasure centers in our brain more than HEROIN (it’s in most of the foods we eat today)
One of the most important vitamins for supporting health – and the common food that may be responsible for a deficiency
The fruits that have the highest and deadliest sugar content (and the best sweet alternatives)
Why I recommend that everyone should “retreat from the sweet”
How eating just 3 pieces of THIS can help mitigate the negative effects of sugar

Mentioned on this episode:
Lifespan: Why We Age and Why We Don’t Have To

The Longevity Paradox

Effect of resveratrol on humans

Resveratrol could protect from effects of a high-fat diet

Resveratrol could lower blood sugar levels

Dr. Gundry interviews “carnivore diet” expert Dr. Paul Saladino

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37 thoughts on “REVERSE AGING: What To Eat & When To Eat To For LONGEVITY | David Sinclair & Steven Gundry
  1. Sorry have I missed something here, is this drug not for diabetes2 patience?
    And if so why would doctors be prescribing this for anything else.
    Don't get me wrong I would love to try it, but don't want to cause a problem that's not already there…

  2. 10:28 Both my great grandma and grandma were very independent individual until 93, and both died at 93. My great grandma was born in 1885 and my grandma was born in 1910.

  3. Got to get it over having to have everything taste sweet sweet things are tasting sweet this is just something that we got to avoid if you want to drink coffee drink it black and put some cream in it no sugar no sweetener

  4. Big pharma will want to try to control the supplement into it industry like they try to with NAC and NAC in barbering they're probably noticed that there's a benefit from it

  5. I think it was really true nobody had a way to keep food fresh with the refrigeration and there was no food that would last throughout the day so people would get up and eat two eggs and two pieces of bacon and they wouldn't be able to eat till after work or lunch time and they had to walk to work

  6. I think the best exercise is the exercise when you first wake up because you've taken a big rest and you should work out on an empty stomach so your body try it tries and has to search for nutrition and water from other parts body except for your stomach

  7. Maybe just a sweet and stuff up you know you could just put some raisins in there pineapple or tangerines or pieces of Orange to sweeten things up but before the sugar trade there were other herbs that are actually very good for your health the spice trade the spices were actually kind of good for you I guess in salt naturalized salt because they couldn't manufacture it

  8. I prefer the cold turkey technique just stop eating it all all together all at once at least for a couple weeks two or three weeks so you can drastically notice a difference it may be difficult at first but and then after a long period of time then try it again to see if you like it

  9. I don't even like you drink diet coke anymore or peanut butter it just makes me sick I just hate the taste of it because I stopped eating it all together all at once

  10. Dr David people with glaucoma waiting and hopes to come with your method restore beter vision from the glaucoma demidge on eyes and avoid milions people from blindness and restore beter vision and happiness life

  11. The thing I don't like about this guy, he seems to rely on drugs. He keeps talking about drugs for help. I don't agree. God gave us all we need, we need to figure out how to use it.
    I not against drugs if you need help, but I don't think you should take them for prevention.

  12. I used to be a Sinclair fan but I lost respect for him when he ommited accurate and full information when asked about Resveratrol. You can find all this on Dr Brad Stanfield's youtube channel… two must watch videos titled "David Sinclair Responds To My Resveratrol Video" in follow up to the first video "Resveratrol – The Unfortunate (& Scandalous) Story" both are must watches. This took a lot of courage by Dr Stanfield, who is one of the most humble and honest people on YouTube.

  13. Hi Dr. Gundry I'm a 55-year-old man with heart disease can you please make a video on how to slow down the progression of this disease thank you so much ..

  14. I'm surprised Sinclair is still pushing resveratrol, when pretty much all the recent large science studies/data suggests it is not effective at longevity – plus bearing in mind the 750 million he profited from selling his studies to a company who wanted to manufacture it, have also concluded the same and have pulled out of producing – it speaks volumes. Time to wake up to some of these fake claims and studies that can't be replicated.

  15. Hello Dr. Gundry, are you familiar with brand that called alive by science, they sell NMN, are they a trustful place to buy NMN? Very difficult to find NMN, thank you so much 😊

  16. I am so so disappointed. It’s your worst interview and to suggest that taking a chemical drug is good for you, goes against all the longevity discoveries that you have been sharing. It’s a slap in the face of the Blue Zone communities.
    Please Dr Gundry, don’t become a sell out. You have been doing well so far

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