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Cell The Unit of Life L1 | Botany | Inter 1st year | IPE Important Questions | Rizee

This time, Rizee-EAMCET-IPE Integrated Course came up with a video lecture series to boost your preparation for IPE and EAMCET. In this video, Vikram Reddy Sir explains the most important questions in Cell The Unit of Life .which has an 18 marks weightage in the board exam, and this is the important chapter to score good marks in EAMCET.

Hello Dreamers!!
Exhausted with a lot of syllabus to read and Confused where to begin from? Have you ever wandered for effortless yet quite productive ways of preparing for your state intermediate examinations?? You might be, right?!! So, we welcome you to the most awaited IPE series taught by our well experienced Lectures handling Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology. Mr. Krishna kanth, Mr. Tirupati, Mr. Nanda Kishore, Mr. Vikram Reddy and Mr. Srinivas respectively!! Come on, let’s jump into the classes!!

EAMCET being one of the most prominent competitive exams of two Telugu states, requires Potential and Rapidity apart from accuracy. So, in an aim to upskill the aspirants, Rizee came up with an EAMCET crash course that covers up the entire study curriculum with Subject-wise and topic-wise modules.
1) Recorded Classes
2) Mock test
3)Chapter wise Quiz
4) Practice
5) Short Notes
6) Important Formula Sheets
7) Previous Year Papers
8) Blue Print
9) Performance Analysis

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