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Mitochondrial Health

MIB-626 First Paper | Exercise Linked To NAD Levels | NS35

Welcome to our 35th News Letter. In this video we note that Alive by Science has changed their name to Renue by Science and has a 20% special discount available. We talk about the first paper with results for MIB 626 and a study which shows that athletic older adults have the same NAD levels as those of much younger people and a new paper from Dr. Sinclair.

Papers referenced in the news letter.
Alive by Science : Renue by Science new web page:
MIB-626, an Oral Formulation of a Microcrystalline Unique Polymorph of β-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide, Increases Circulating Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide and its Metabolome in Middle-aged and Older Adults
Healthy aging and muscle function are positively associated with NAD+ abundance in humans
Mitochondrial and metabolic dysfunction in ageing and age-related diseases

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10 thoughts on “MIB-626 First Paper | Exercise Linked To NAD Levels | NS35
  1. Thanks Richard. It's 7AM here and I just had my gram of sublingual NMN. I am quite sure that it dissolved before it entered my bloodstream, and whatever crystalline form it may have been in no longer matters. The appeal of NMN is that it occurs naturally in the body. David Sinclair has pulled off a lot of scams but I doubt this product will be a blockbuster for him, like resveratrol.

  2. Thx Richard for this interesting video.
    I speculate that older individuals who every day walk briskly for a period of 90 minutes would have a NAD level comparable to younger subjects.

  3. The assertion at 5:24 that David Sinclair was the main author on the third paper is not correct. João A. Amorim was the main author probably did most of the work. David Sinclair is the senior author who's big name helps get the paper through peer review…

  4. Thanks Richard. Many studies show that exercise preserves to some degree of youthfulness. There is also a study (ref. Prof. Janet Lord, 2018) which showed that exercise in older people (65 to 80 I believe) preserved the immune system by preserving the thymus gland. There is also a study which showed mild CR will also preserve thymic output. It seems more and more to me that if one has the discipline to exercise and eat well many supplements can be ignored.

  5. Notably it appears that they did not test MIB 626 tissue level NAD or any other biomarkers. That sort of testing is dull is and is not informative as to whether or not MIB 626 improves human health. Incidentally, NMN when tested in humans in the first trial showe little or no improvement in standard blood tests. In my opinion, folks should just exercise until more is known about pricey NAD supplements and drugs and they should make sure that they receive at least the RDA for vitamin B3 (whether via food or supplements) and live a generally healthy lifestyle.

  6. Thanks Richard, combination of exercise and NMN can only be a good thing, and even if longevity of is not extended decades just being able to enjoy exercise as you age and have healthspan, so many people I know can hardly walk the length of themselves and there barely over 50. These new NAD molecules sound great expecially the result of 2g per day giving 3.7 increase very impressive 👏

  7. Thank you for the newsletter! It's good to hear more evidence on exercise especially now we can measure the NAD levels. Well 20% I might consider get the lipo glutathione which I would like to put in my stack for a while…

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