Sunday, February 5, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Dr Steven Gundry of The Plant Paradox Interviewed by Jennifer Nicole Lee, Unlocking the Keto Code

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In Unlocking the Keto Code, Dr. Gundry reveals the biological mechanism that makes keto diets so successful: a cellular process known as “mitochondrial uncoupling.” As it turns out, ketones are not the magical fuel source they’ve been made out to be; in fact, the body cannot run on ketones and fats alone.
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6 thoughts on “Dr Steven Gundry of The Plant Paradox Interviewed by Jennifer Nicole Lee, Unlocking the Keto Code
  1. Hello! I truly believe I was led to this video 🙏 I have been sick since September 😔 Inflammation attacked my body which led to nerve pain as well. I developed a bakers cyst behind my right knee and that was extremely painful. The Doctor put me on prescription Ibuprofen which gave me two (2) ulcers. Had MRI on my right knee, no torn meniscus or ACL.. The Doctors keep telling me I have fibromyalgia- I’m not believing that. I’m not getting the help or answer’s I need which is very frustrating. The words I hear are you’re getting older 🥲 Fitness has always been my passion & I’ve taken care of my body.. I’m lost @ this point of what to do.. I’m refusing anymore meds.. Dr. Gundry, this make’s sense & I need your help.. 🙏🙏 Thank you, Jennifer for this video..

  2. Thank you Coach and Dr. Gundry! This was so eye opening. I am living proof that lectin free eating helps pain and inflammation, even my ocular rosacea is in remission because of this way of eating. Thank you thank you thank you!

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