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How to answer best for the question on histophysiological stages of tooth development

This answer could be best written with this key points: I. Introduction-significance of having a thorough knowledge about tooth development – formation of primary epithelial band (embryological origin/initiation of tooth – development, primary epithelial band, dental lamina, vestibular lamina) – list of the stages of tooth development – 2. Description of the developmental stages in detail – Bud stage (with diagram) – Cap stage (with diagram) – Early bell stage (with diagram)
– Advanced bell stage (Breakdown of dental lamina, hard tissue formation, crown – pattern determination/morphodifferentiation and root formation with diagram) – 3. Histophysiology of tooth development. – Development of tooth based on histophysiological process ( overview of intiation, proliferation, histodifferentiation, morphodifferentiation and apposition) – Histodifferentiation (What is histodifferentiation/definition, differentiation of ameloblast, differentiation of odontoblast, reciprocal induction with diagram) – Morphodifferentiation (What is morphodifferentiation, establishment of dentinoenamel junction and dentinocemental junction and their role in determining crown pattern, incremental pattern of enamel and dentin deposition along DEJ and Dentinocemental junction with diagram) – 4. Summary/Conclusion (note on: nerve and vascular supply during early development, formation of permanent dentition-eruption and supporting structures, timeline of tooth development with diagram of ontogeny of tooth) and clinical considerations (anodontia, supernumerary teeth, enamel hypoplasia, dilacerations, accessory/supernumerary roots
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