Friday, June 9, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Can I KEEP UP With Jason Khalipa (CrossFit World Champion)

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Jason Khalipa, 8x CrossFit Games Competitor (2008 Champion) and author of “As Many Reps As Possible,” took me through a brutal CrossFit workout at his gym… and then we talked all things nutrition!

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Timestamps ⏱

0:00 – Intro
0:51 – Jason Khalipa’s Gym Tour
2:54 – Workout Breakdown
4:00 – Workout with Jason Khalipa
4:41 – Correct Form for a Rowing Machine
6:13 – How to Pace a Workout Properly
6:50 – Jason’s Tips For How to Use a Rower Correctly
14:47 – Jason’s 3 Main Programs at his Gyms
15:20 – NCFLEX Workout
16:55 – Get Grass-Fed/Finished Meat Delivered to Your Doorstep with Butcher Box
17:46 – Interview with Jason Khalipa
17:56 – What Were the Diets of CrossFit Athletes Like?
18:37 – Jason’s CrossFit Diet & Exercise Structure
19:31 – Jason’s Current Diet
21:50 – Keto & Carb Cycling in a Performance Setting
24:01 – Competitiveness of CrossFit
25:32 – Jason’s Wife’s Success with Keto
26:24 – Being Dual Fueled
28:05 – Finding What Works For Your Goals
30:30 – Fasted Exercise & Training Twice a Day
37:00 – Nutrition Experimentation for Athletes
38:50 – Adapting to a Keto Diet
40:58 – Ketones & the Brain
42:06 – Front Loading Carbs Pre Exercise
47:00 – When Does Jason Consume Fruit
48:40 – Jason’s Continuous Glucose Monitor Results
50:05 – Fasting for Anaerobic Athletes
52:40 – How to Test to See If You’re In Ketosis
56:00 – The Impact of the CrossFit Community
57:50 – Jason’s Top 2 Exercises to Get Fit
58:29 – Time to Eat


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25 thoughts on “Can I KEEP UP With Jason Khalipa (CrossFit World Champion)
  1. Great to see Jason Khalipa again. So to Thomas…the ultimate question…many…and I mean many studies demonstrate that people often are in a state of ketosis after only 5-7 days as measured by ketone levels. But you often say, as you did in this video, that fat adaptation can take up to 90 days. So…I believe you or any other keto proponent needs to clearly define how you are measuring or determining when a person becomes “fat adapted”. Is it once they enter ketosis? Is entering ketosis and becoming “fat adapted” two different states of metabolic existence? This has to be clearly defined. I would love to hear you talk about this. Thank you.

  2. Also; when you said that you wouldn’t recommend keto to a CrossFitter cause it is “tried and tested” that they would lose anaerobic capacity, that confused me. I’m doing a research project for a nutrition class and every study I’ve read about CrossFit participants on keto – albeit it’s only about 3 studies – have shown there was no significant decrease in strength or power in any of the strength tests. Could you please make a video where you discuss these studies that influenced your statement about CrossFit and keto? Thank you.

  3. Wow great video by two guys who really know what they are talking about the technology has opened up more n more imformation you guys motivated me to get back on trac thanks 👍

  4. Hey, Thomas. I've been getting the Super Coffee keto coffee drinks for a couple of months. However, this latest shipment seemed to change the formula. They conspicuously removed the "nothing artificial" claim from the bottle and there's suddenly a new preservative I've never heard of before. Sodium Hexametaphosphate. I can barely find any information on it. I'd love an updated video on these sneaky ingredients.

  5. Interesting that Jason 'taps down' at the end of the stroke on the rower – that's the technique someone would use on the actual water 👍

  6. I am a 62 year old Male who has been training in a gym off and on since I was 16. I competed (amateur) in Power lifting competitions from age 19-24. We never had any clear "expert" training and as such fell victims to gym Doctors and Coaches. Subsequently, over the years of Carb loading, excessive high carb diets to create bulking (in order to lift more??) and following the "Healthy Food Pyramid" I ended up with a 99 percent blockage and 2 stents in my main right artery at age 59. I have been Keto for 3 years now and feel hundred percent better. I love this channel and have been following it for 3 years and can say it is the most informative, interesting, sometimes neerdy, but always inspiring channel on YouTube. This particular episode interested me in the fact that I have been considering incorporating Cross fit into my program but he truth be told I have received 0% feed back from Doctors as to how and what to do because of my condition. I was wondering if at some point In your busy schedule if you could investigate into the world of how individuals who have stents can train properly to gain optimal results. I have already told my Doctors I WILL NOT TAKE STATINS!

  7. I feel that. Try to take care of health and somebody comes along and messes with it directly or indirectly. Frustrating. Hope you get better soon,quickly.

  8. Entertainment. I'd be lucky to puff out one pushup. Okay maybe 10 pushups xD. Been looking for a 100 pct grass fed organic turkey sticks.

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