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Fourth NMN Human Trial Just Released | 5th March 2022

A 12–week human, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) on sleep quality, fatigue, and physical performance in older adults has just been published

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23 thoughts on “Fourth NMN Human Trial Just Released | 5th March 2022
  1. In addition to the pep I feel my bp has dropped from on average 125/80 to 100/65. My weight, diet, etc has not changed. Just the addition of 1 gram each resveratol/Nmn. The increased pep, although great, is not my main goal with taking these molecules. Age linked changes in gene expression is what I hope to achieve…positive of course. Oh. One other thing. Of least importance but notable; at 61 my eyebrows had thinned. Those suckers are full and lush again.

  2. How did the journal editors allow this? Is this scientific journal reputable? BTW, in my humble opinion, it sounds like post treatment queationaires are not a very reliable measurement tool and may amp plessibo somewhat. (Aside from more costs) Why not measure exercise results directly in pre and post treatment exercise performance tests (same for sleep).

  3. Good work Dr. Stanfield! One important detail not addressed though: the dosage.

    What was it here and why wasn't this mentioned?

    I keep hearing/reading that 1 gram/day should be the posology in order to note significant improvements.

    Thank you!

  4. I gotta say, considering how important a life and health extending supplement that really works and is additive to eating and exercising well…it's kind of amazing that there isn't a well designed study that has a thousand participants all located in the same facility so the controls could take out factors that affect results. Just sayin'…considering the potential benefits.

  5. I appreciate how no matter how much content you put out, you always explain to your listeners what the study is, how the study was done, and what the findings were. I don't know how many people I have to explain what a double-blind is.

  6. Hi Brad, thanks for the video. I’ve been taking NMN for a few years now but I’m currently 8 months pregnant so have gave it a break during pregnancy. Do you know if there’s any data regarding taking NMN during breastfeeding? I’d like to start taking it again post birth/during breastfeeding to combat the extra cellular damage that occurs due to lactation. Thanks!

  7. This is reprehensible how they basically tell a bold face lie with data to the contrary directly above. How are these even getting past peer review?

  8. I think your analysis is right on!
    however as an individual i am currently doing a personal experiment with nmn and resveratrol. I was encouraged to take nmn in the morning, empty stomach and resveratrol in the afternoon with food. My results may be attributable to other actions i am taking. However my physical preformance as measured in my workout has dramatically improved. I am 6 weeks in.
    What are the results of this stydy for the morning takers??

  9. US SOCOM study on NAD+ drug has shown great results. Brad isn’t a PhD. Idk why no one cares about this. If you are in academia you understand this. My father holds an MD from Stanford and PhD later in life at Johns Hopkins…it’s a big difference. Stay woke people

  10. The placebo effect isn’t gonna last forever but the difference is taking nmn the effects aren’t gonna go away if you continue taking it like on the other hand A placebo effect eventually will wear off

  11. Sleep medicine should be given for sleep quality. NMN aid designed to raise NAD levels. Did we check NAD levels before and after? If not this study is worthless unless you just want to bash NMN.

  12. A lot of repetations…a bit exhausting…
    Tey only took 250mg, right?
    Should'nt older people take
    500-1000 mg?
    Regardig the data there are improvements in the NMN-Group…
    What about the intake of NMN in the morning?

  13. disappointing results, i was really looking for a definitive reasons that NHN caused improvement. I really appreciate your content Brad how you look at things very closely

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