Friday, June 9, 2023
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Harry Serpanos SATURDAY EURASIA LIVE STREAM 5 March 2022


#Carnivore #Keto #LowCarb #ZeroCarb
LBRY invite:$/invite/@Harry_Serpanos:8
Odysee Link:

7 am British Isles/Ireland/Iceland
8 am Netherlands/Germany/Hungary/Poland
8 am Croatia/France/Italy/Malta/Spain
8 am Norway/Serbia/Sweden/Switzerland
8 am Algeria/Morocco/Nigeria/Tunisia
9 am Estonia/Finland/Latvia/Lithuania
9 am Bulgaria/Romania/Ukraine
9 am Cyprus/Hellas (Greece)/South Africa
9 am Egypt/Israeli/Lebanon/Syria
10 am Iran/Iraq/Moscow/Qatar/Riyadh/Turkey
11 am Oman/UAE
12.30 pm India ST
2 pm Jakarta, Indonesia Time
3 pm China (PRC/HongKong)
3 pm Malaysia/Mongolia/Philippines/Singapore
3 pm Western Australia
4 pm Japan/South Korea
4.30 pm Northern Territory
5 pm Queensland
5.30 pm South Australia
6 pm ACT/NSW/Tasmania/Victoria
8 pm New Zealand

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16 thoughts on “Harry Serpanos SATURDAY EURASIA LIVE STREAM 5 March 2022
  1. USA is started like Rom Republic,not democraty.And just like Rome agriments are there just to buy time for the Rome to get in better position to win.Punic wars,Britain…Russia on the other hend is Tzar,Emperor and everything dipends from who is in the seat.If it is strong ruler they are on the expand and geting stronger.If not,you have rebbelions,by nobles or pesents or both.In USA interess groups rule via senat,and konzul,khm president is just a frontman for those in power,much like Rome.In Russia it is oligarhs,Boljars,nobles..Dvor,group around ruller.

  2. It’s saying over 7 hours. 😳 Surely this is a mistake no way I can sit on my toosh for that length of time. How do you do it😀. I’m going to listen over several sessions.

  3. Heard a whippersnapper 'expert' on unheard channel say it's inexplicable what the Russians are doing and must be a result that Putin is believing his own propaganda hence reports that the army seemed unprepared. Not that he's trying to limit damage. Sounded convincing until I had a moment to think.

  4. Hey Harry been full carnivore for 3 mths strict. After a lifetime of heavy carb abuse do you think the adapting period is longer with regards to athletic performance in power and strength sports. I feel I don't have that top end strength and power in some of the movements I do . I fatigue on subsequent sets and reps drop off in strength training ! Do you think it's just going take a longer adaption period ?

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