Sunday, February 5, 2023
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How to break your fast? | Intermittent Fasting for beginners | The Whole Truth Academy

How to break my fast? What to eat during intermittent fasting for weight loss? How much to eat in my eating window? Should it be carbs or fats or proteins? And what should I avoid eating? Your hunt for all these questions ends here!

We know that Intermittent fasting for beginners can be very tricky. The complexity makes you question if IF is even worth it!

In this video, the 3rd episode of our Intermittent Fasting series we break down how to break your fast, structuring your meals in the eating window, making sure your last meal sustains you for the fasting window and so much more while giving you an understanding of the science behind it.

2:20 – How to break your fast?
2:57 – Rule 1
4:17 – Rule 2
5:31 – Rule 3
6:22 – Rule 4
6:58 – How to structure your meals in the eating window?
8:03 – What to eat before you begin fasting again?

Intermittent Fasting Ep 1 –
Intermittent Fasting Ep 2 –

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Disclaimer: This is not a review video, and is in no way meant as an evaluation or judgement of any particular product. This is an educational video meant for informative purposes only. Also, the content is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice in any manner.

Shot by: Harkat Studios

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16 thoughts on “How to break your fast? | Intermittent Fasting for beginners | The Whole Truth Academy
  1. My routine at the moment, doesn’t permit me to have 16hrs fast, I am doing it for 15hrs.
    Is that fine ?

    Also, since I workout, I have to reach my protein goal for that day. However, I find difficulty in stuffing in so much in just 8/9 hrs.

  2. Very good info some of which is new to me!
    One thing to point out the fasting clock at 8:10 is reverse, 16 & 8 are shown reverse!! Took screenshot but not able to attach! 👍🙏

  3. seriously man this video is so annoying with all those sound effects. i couldn't tolerate it and had to close it within 5 mins . what a shame

    please 🙏 don't put these stupid sound effects in your future videos . smh

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