Saturday, January 28, 2023
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Dental Infections Can Contribute To Your Tinnitus

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9 thoughts on “Dental Infections Can Contribute To Your Tinnitus
  1. Inbelieve EVERYTHING you are saying. Before I got a root canal I NEVERRRRR had any problems. Then out of no where my hair startedf falling out …. I have tennitus and I’m tired all the time. Wooooowwww you are aooo right

  2. Warning! Liam is quite sure a scammer!

    He wants just your money.

    There are a few random "testimonials" that claim to attribute an improvement in their condition to Liam. That's nonsense. Many sufferers have a natural improvement in their early tinnitus condition.

    But for those who have chronic tinnitus, he helps zero, nada, zero.

    So guys, he wants several thousand dollars for an automated software based program and he's offering all newbies -90%… Haha. That's ridiculous.

    So keep your money and save your time for more useful things!

  3. Hi Liam. I am wondering, do you think getting root canal extractions will negatively affect my facial structure? I know sometimes when people lose their teeth, their facial structure collapses. You see it in old people sometimes. I know that overall, it would be totally worth just removing it, and I will have them removed, I just want to be prepared for my facial structure to change. Thank you so much.

  4. Liam , I Had A Root canal In 1974 At 13 Years old , At 54 Years Old ,40 Years later My Root canal Got Infected , Swollen And Pain . 1Week later Rotted Tooth Pulled Out At Dentist Office ! Liam Knows , Liam Cares ! Thank you For This Video ! 👍👂

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