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How to Be Your Best | Football/Soccer | The Three Pillars of World Class Talent

Waking up the Football World, one individual at a time.

Overcome injury, performance plateaus, and aging through deep athletic transformation. We know these are bold claims, but when you reverse-engineer world-class talent by treating the root cause of talent using Nature’s blueprint, it becomes quite simple.

The Tree:

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00:00 Intro
00:33 The 3 Pillars
01:22 Truth about Player Origins and Development
03:25 The Inner Furnace (1)
05:13 The 3 Legged Stool of Life
06:22 The Internal Foundation (2)
13:00 The Game (3)
17:35 Outro and Resource Info


Inner Furnace☀️
Internal Foundation 🦘
The Game 🏐

Work with Nature. There are no lies in Nature. The truth needs no defense. Learn to live as a living breathing man or woman.

Get outside into Nature. Get barefoot on the grass. Get onto the court and play the game.

The Proven Plan to World-Class Football Performance🔻
Foster the Inner Furnace
Build the Internal Foundation
Let the Game mold you

Check out the Working with Nature free starter course.

I am a current pro footballer who’s suffered a torn ACL, torn meniscus, fractured feet, and years of chronic injuries and dysfunction. I’ve now overcome all my years of pain and poor function to reach a stage of effortless athleticism and physique by working with Nature.

Football Entangled is my mission to help to aspire and current professional footballers avoid the years of mistakes, surgeries, and expenses I went through, and ultimately achieve their highest potential.

We are developing the foundations to establish the world’s first holistic talent development football academy and professional club all located in a Natural Paradise.

Thank you🙏


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13 thoughts on “How to Be Your Best | Football/Soccer | The Three Pillars of World Class Talent
  1. its actually crazy how i understand now because i was confused by what fostering the inner furnace meant a few months ago but now im slowly understanding and gaining new knowledge thru u

  2. Great work man. Honestly you're one of the only people in the football world who says that you can help yourself instead of saying that you need this or that. I appreciate you 🙏

  3. This yt channel is a true example of what happens is probably for the best…if your IG would not have been disabled YouTube would have gotten devoid of this quality content…And btw thanks for my knees

  4. Firstly Thank you for these informations 🖤
    I was a football player but i stopped because i have asthma and i became getting tired quickly when i play. Please advise me ?
    Thank you

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