Friday, June 9, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Busting "Dismantled" Part 3: Mitochondrial Eve (with Gutsick Gibbon & Dapper Dino)

Part 3 of Busting Dismantled, in which we cover creationists trying to explain away the INCREDIBLE, UNEXPECTED, GROUNDBREAKING…completely in line with evolutionary theory (???) existence of mitochondrial and Y-chromosome most recent common ancestors, while also trying desperately to explain that they lived within a young-earth timeframe.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3: That’s this

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Part 6:

Dapper Dino:

Gutsick Gibbon:

Soares et al. 2009:

Some other stuff that came up:

Rob Carter:

More Rob Carter:

The snakes are very real:

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19 thoughts on “Busting "Dismantled" Part 3: Mitochondrial Eve (with Gutsick Gibbon & Dapper Dino)
  1. Great video, sad I missed the livestream. I have an idea for an analogy to explain the folly of YECs' use of extrapolated pedigree mutation rates.
    Suppose you wanted to find out how often English words gain new meanings (e.g. "literally" meaning "figuratively but with emphasis"). YECs using extrapolated pedigree rates would be the equivalent of taking a bunch of written documents from the past twenty years, seeing how many words per document are used in ways inconsistent with their dictionary definitions, and then taking that average X, and saying "X English words are given new meanings every 20 years". No attempt to find out if any of the "new" usages spread to the wider population, just "wow look how fast it changes, linguists are possessed by demons".

  2. "from a woman who lived not so long ago"
    Only 15 to 30 times the age of the universe according to Creationists.
    It's only "not so long ago" on biological or geological time scales, where Earth is over four billion years old, but he'll use that "not so long ago" to imply that six thousand years is viable.

  3. With so much blatant lying by the turds in this “documentary” is it possible these guys could face legal action? Especially from the people who’s work they’re quote mining and misrepresented?

  4. YECkies would do better to deny the science and simply affirm their fundy beliefs. This would be more effective than fudging research results which are subject to change as methods improve. They would also not have to lie, which Jesus said sends you straight to Hell.

  5. Nice video! The biggest problem for creationists is that in the real world evolution continues to be proved by science, and it's been more than 160 years they've tried to debunk and continue failing.

  6. You all explain these great, despite your obvious disgust, frustration and humor! The creationist side definitely has no problem with deliberately fooling their purposefully undereducated targets! And, they also very purposely hire a narrator that sounds like an Attenborough type! LOL. 👍🥰💖✌

  7. It’s wierd how in order to compress the timeline, they have to overestimate the efficiency of evolution, as it kinda messes up their argument whenever they try to pretend that there is some sort of limit on how far it can go. Especially when many of the proposed kinds are more genetically diverse than humans, chimpanzees, and bonobos put together.

  8. I know that some people want to say that taking Genesis literally is wrong and incorrect even by religious standards but that is NOT true. The Bible NEVER treats any of the utter nonsense as being anything other the actual truth. What little that Jesus allegedly said always treats it as the actual truth. Yes there are parables but those are labeled as such.

    Its the words of ignorant men and its not going to change into 'metaphor' or 'allegory' just because its disproved nonsense. Adam and Eve and the Great Flood are NEVER treated as anything but real. As far as I have seen anyway. IF anyone can actually justify those claims by finding it treated that IN THE BIBLE OK, then I will change my mind. In the meantime its just more apologetics, see William Liar Craig laughing at the early parts of Genesis, as if it gets real after that.

  9. While watching this I remembered a thing I watched a few years ago that was saying that apparently mitochondria is, very rarely, passed on from the father and so I thought I'd mention it.
    I haven't heard of it since (and as is probably obvious at this point, I didn't look into it myself) so I wouldn't be at all surprised to find out it was just pop-sci hype exaggerating things but I thought I'd share anyway.

  10. You mention near the beginning that other chromosomes don't converge in the same away as Y and mt-DNA do. Can you recommend a paper or further reading on that point?

  11. CMI is heavily milking Carter's experience with genes, going back to cloning experiments in cnidarians (that's jellyfish, correct?) he did during his college years.
    They put him up as their in house expert "researching genetical problems with human evolution"… i think that is what this whole designating him geneticist stems from.

  12. Oh man!! In Classics we NEVER got to battle a snake or meet a demon; we just had to sacrifice a baby and swear undying fealty to Marx and Derrida. The hard sciences have so much more fun than the humanities.

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