Sunday, June 4, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

MBPP EP 688 – Dr. Mike Todorovic: The Sports Electrolyte Masterclass, How to Optimize Your Hydration

Dr. Mike Todorovic has his PhD in Neuroscience, he is a Senior Lecturer and Medical Researcher at Griffith University, Australia.
He loves helping people learn about how the body works and is here to educate us on electrolytes, testosterone and more.
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00:00 – Episode Preview
00:51 – Tasty Pastries are incredible
02:12 – Bub’s MCTs + Within You + Coffee = Heaven
03:44 – Head massager
05:18 – Guest preview
06:35 – Cholesterol is still confusing
08:05 – It all comes back to energy balance
09:40 – Dr. Todorovic can explain info very well
10:20 – Dr. Todorovic joins – How long he’s been into fitness
11:20 – How he got into health and being a doctor
12:35 – Advice for people striving to be a doctor
17:28 – Electrolytes
23:24 – Sodium intake
27:47 – Muscle cramps
30:14 – How to know if an athlete is electrolyte deficient
34:31 – Electrolytes and fat burning
36:40 – Using fats vs carbs for energy
39:45 – Ketones
44:19 – Electrolytes and fat burning continued
45:48 – Detriments of being electrolyte deficient
47:10 – Electrolytes to cure a hangover
50:46 – Electrolytes help you pee less
51:55 – Electrolytes require you to drink less water
53:31 – Athletes should keep carbs in their diet
57:30 – Being more in tune with hydration cues
1:02:19 – What bothers Mike about the fitness industry
1:06:03 – How to teach a kid to stay healthy
1:09:36 – Start with healthy food practices for kids early
1:12:54 – PED’s effect on the heart
1:18:49 – code: PowerProject for $101 off!
1:19:53 – Stretching the heart through exercise
1:21:20 – General practices to keep your heart healthy of on PEDs
1:24:34 – Increasing bone density, joint health & creatinine levels
1:27:03 – Creatine and high creatinine levels
1:29:00 – Collegian for joint health
1:30:45 – Advice on handling muscle fatigue
1:32:30 – Where Mike learned how to communicate so well
1:41:11 – Will our blood type or DNA tell us anything about our diet?
1:46:38 – Differences in body types
1:49:33 – How Mike trains and eats
1:53:31 – Will we utilize technology to rid ourselves of disease?
1:58:13 – How Mike learns
2:01:39 – Penis health
2:05:45 – Where to find Dr. Todorovic
2:07:05 – Show review
2:09:54 – Thinking we’re thirsty b/c we have water next to us
2:11:10 – Ask a Black Dude sponsored by
2:14:30 – Show wrap up

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15 thoughts on “MBPP EP 688 – Dr. Mike Todorovic: The Sports Electrolyte Masterclass, How to Optimize Your Hydration
  1. Like my Grandma said "If you can't write a children's book about it you don't know it well enough." This is why I share this quality with the Dr. Todorovic! What a great episode

  2. He’s so full of shit blaming athletes in there 20’s dropping dead from “athletes heart” that wasn’t happening or very VERY RARELY before that new ouchie came out just the like the gear use had been around for a hundred years and most everybody was fine but now coincidentally that new jab comes out and people start dropping like flies but it’s everything EXCEPT the thing that came out at the SAME TIME that this shit started happening. Fuck outta my face with that BULLSHIT scapegoating.

  3. lmaooo I was listening to this for like 30 mins before I checked the picture and realized it was that jacked guy from YouTube I watch all the time to help with my studies. Worlds colliding!

  4. I've been adding salt on my pre-workout thomas muffin w/ honey for the past month and since then two of my back workouts my back muscles cramp and do not release for several days. This wasn't happening before the salt. Im most likely under consuming potassium. Is there anything I should be doing to prevent this? Do you think an abundance of sodium without potassium allows the muscle cell to open and flood with calcium causing a sustained muscle cramp/tightness.?

  5. The glucose WITH electrolytes having better uptake thing was intriguing. I need to look into what the ratios are and the best pure glucose ingredient would be because most energy drinks are using that fructose crap now and sugar is only half glucose. Combined with a low-carb diet should make this really effective…maybe?

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