Friday, June 9, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Diabetes & Mitochondria: How Nutrition Connects the Two. [Study 32]

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Previous Video:

0:00 – Introduction
4:50 – Study Introduction
5:55 – Mitochondria Background
9:05 – Overconsumption Problem with Mitochondria
16:04 – Diabetes, Mitochondria, and Nutrition Explained
26:39 – Autophagy of Mitochondria when Over Eating
29:48 – Can I Fast to Fix these Issues?
33:50 – Conclusions/Take Aways

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15 thoughts on “Diabetes & Mitochondria: How Nutrition Connects the Two. [Study 32]
  1. Thanks for the video. As a T2D and over weight, your video answered some of my questions (especially about eating carbs versus low-carb).

    Since undercunsumption/less consumption is vital, what about eating a large meal once a day (OMAD) or two meals a day that are caloric? I suppose that gets nitty gritty with calories consumed.

    I wonder if OMAD is best because we T2Ds are only banging up our pancreas once a day?

  2. 11:07 Clearly I'm off topic with a wandering mind (extroverted intuition)… You sounded like you could be describing our political economy right now.. It could be useful if economists and political economists studied some molecular biology. It might inform some of the overuse of mathematics with a more mechanistic approach.

  3. This is a great video about the biochemistry of fasting benefit. Can I interpret that the fasting benefit is equivalent to having a calorie restriction(deficit) diet? Are the two provide the same benefit as far as the mitochondria level mentioned in the video?

    And if that is the case, Is there any profound benefit coming from ketogenic diet, as compared to a calorie restriction(deficit) diet?

    Thanks in advance, Nic.

  4. So my question is if I take a calcium channel blocker for my blood pressure does that effect the output of the Pancreas Beta cell?
    And does this help or negatively affect the beta cell?

  5. Even though it was quite dense. I did share your video with about a half dozen other people.
    So far it’s the best explanation I have heard on how obesity leads to diabetes. And what to do about it.
    Since pre-diabetes and diabetes is now epidemic to United States and much of the world, I hope you will do more videos on how to control diabetes. And help a person become healthy again.
    Thanks Nick

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