Saturday, January 28, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Is excess linoleic acid contributing to mitochondrial dysfunction?

Paul speaks on what causes increase in aldose reductase, how the polyol pathway works, and how seed oils may be contributing to mitochondrial dysfunction. He also touches on an animal based diet for diabetics.


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34 thoughts on “Is excess linoleic acid contributing to mitochondrial dysfunction?
  1. I agree in that seed oils & the high amounts of linoleic acid play a causative role in metabolic syndrome. But I find it difficult to believe that is mainly the seed oils and not the carbohydrates. Type 2 diabetes has been around for thousands of years….it was already documented in ancient Greece. Whereas humans were not really exposed to large amounts of dietary linoleic acid until the beggining of the 1900s.
    I feel that I am missing something obvious here….but dont know what it is.
    Paul, it would be great if you could cover this at some point.

  2. Audio feels like nails on a chalkboard…. need to back away from the mic a bit… or maybe replace it, I dunno 🤷🏼‍♀️. But ouch. Disappointing I couldn't hear you out. 🙁

  3. Thanks 😊. im glad to hear you say this. I've been saying here that fruit is all very well if you're young and exercising hard, but not for those who aren't (and perhaps women have less ability to handle it than men as they have (generally, even when fit) more fat, less muscle.
    PS thanks for doing uric acid 🙏🙏🙏

  4. For the 88% of Americans who are metabolically unwell, low carb is needed, especially in the short term. For everybody (well and unwell metabolically) low linoleic acid diet is essential for long term good health. Stay radical…naturally!

  5. What up Doc! Recent follower (30 days) of yours and you’re already changing my life for the better! Been Carnivore for a month and already having huge results! My girl is type 2 and having issues with LOW BLOOD SUGAR..especially when waking up (BS45) I can’t really find anything about this issue.. can you please do a stream about it.. she can’t be the only one dealing with this when there are low carbs.. we’ve also added fruit/honey .. and Heart and soil! thank you Bro! AJ

  6. Fix your mic Doc! Learning lots from you my man! Changing my diet up and feeling great! I should say not a diet but lifestyle because of this knowledge. Knowledge is power baby!

  7. I remember seeing headline about canola oil causing macular degeneration back in early about 2004. Nearly 20 yrs later it’s still in so many foods at the supermarket.

  8. yeah good info .. crappy audio as you've heard.. if you've been moving the mic around probably just the cable.. try pluggin it into a different computer or mixer first.. if the problem is still there then its the mic and if so chances are a cable unless it's been dropped and that could cause an intermittent short and distortion. or just spring for a new mic.. a Shure or AKG designed for podcasting/usb hookup etc.. would be the way to go… keep preachin.. we're listening.. stay radical.. honey fueled.. ha.. cheers.. v

  9. I am 71 years old and have recently since August 2019 started following Dr Saladino's advice concerning carnivore and more recently his recommendation to add carbs to this
    diet particularly by consuming fruit and honey . When I reached 60 I remember looking in the mirror and noticing my chest dropping , my waist getting bigger and my butt falling ,
    I figured well age and gravity have arrived and its all downhill from here . That's all turned around now and with very little effort except I walk up and down stairs at home quite a bit
    and shovel snow in the winter for days at a time to insure safe walks around a business with endless endurance for whatever the conditions . I feel renewed strength in my body
    and looking forward to getting younger . There is so much more more I'd like to say but to end here I'd like to say that in all civilizations there are the few beacons of light and Dr Saladino
    is one . Thanks Doc !!!

  10. There you go. Out of everybody on Youtube you are the closest one to figure out whats going on with diabetes and reverse it thanks to Dr Ray Peat. You should give him credit.

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