Saturday, January 28, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

The BITTER TRUTH About Sugar & How It Causes INFLAMMATION | Robert Lustig

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45 thoughts on “The BITTER TRUTH About Sugar & How It Causes INFLAMMATION | Robert Lustig
  1. You are 55 minutes in and you are asking this doctor how do people identify which foods are whole and which foods are not? Anything that's got a barcode on it is going to be processed. But you have to determine just how processed it is. A lot of organic foods are going to be better. But that doesn't release them from ultra processed organic foods.

    What I've been told in the past is stick to the perimeter that is on the outside of the store where there is the meats and the vegetables and the fruit and yes try to eat organic, have grass-fed beef not traditional. Get the best you can and your food bill will go down not up. Cuz you're going to eat less whole food because your body's satisfied. And you won't be getting all this junk that just fills you up and makes you fat and tired and brain dead. ✌️

  2. Parents wait until their children are at St Jude's and then they face the fact that their child has cancer. But do they face the fact that they're probably the reason that their child has cancer? Are the odds that what the parents gave the child to eat and drink is what caused them to get cancer? Even the formula they gave them instead of breastfeeding? Do the doctors at St Jude's have nutrition classes for the parents to be at while the child is being treated at the hospital? Things definitely need to change… and I am with this Dr Robert. On the fact that it has to be aggressive. People don't learn by p** footing around them. They need to be slapped in the face with the reality. I'm all with the doctor on that.

    People need to wise up if they want to live a healthy life. If They want to stop having to go to the doctor all the time for this aching and that aching and this breaking down and that breaking down. If they want to be lovely instead of fat. If they want to be having a brilliant mind instead of dull and boring because of sugar.

  3. Wait a minute Dr Robert I'm finding something to disagree with you with. You said all food is good that is whole. But how can that be true you have to take into consider GMO foods are not necessarily real food? it has been genetically modified. That's why people that are truly healthy are eating organic. My daughter and I eat 70% of our diet as organic. Possibly even more. And when I stay off sugar obviously my health is better. But we always have organic, we live in a state and in a city that has four organic health food stores within 15 miles of each other.
    Yet; now you can get organic food, whole food in grocery outlet. Target, Safeway. Stores that do give discounts. So if people are saying that it's for the privileged they're not really looking around. They're remark is just sounding like another wounded bird in our society.
    "Eat less, eat whole, not out or processed." That should be their motto and they will come out just right.πŸ’ž

  4. How about the signs at the store that tell you what the product is tells you whether it's a whole food a processed food or a highly processed food.

    The sign next to the blueberries and the strawberries and stuff can say: "I'm a whole food."
    Next to the organic tortillas it can say "I'm a processed food, yet not far removed From whole.."
    And next to the Twinkies it can say "I'm a highly processed food if even a food at all … Run for the hills..LOL."

  5. Although you have to admit that even fresh juice with the fiber chopped up in it like you say is better than soda, but from what I've been told by the people who make the juice at the juice bar at the co-op, they will tell you that it starts to break down and within an hour you're nutrients are diminished and within a day or two they're pretty much gone. So bottled juice is basically just sugar in a bottle there is no nutritional value left.😱🀯

  6. I think the interviewer is overwhelmed by the knowledge of this Dr Robert. He is talking about what is in diet sodas. And the interviewer seems not sure what to say afterwards. πŸ€”

  7. As adults, this is incredibly valuable information or reminder. What I find so difficult is to put our kids on the right path. A kid with 5 years, is so sadly alienated by advertsing, by other unconscious society members, and other individuals that dont care, what can we do as parents? Preach with the example, I guess. Thanks Dr, precious work. πŸ™

  8. Interviewer to save his ass derailed the argument. He said ultra processed is cause . In fact sugar is. Ultra thing is secondary albeit harmful.. suga sugar sugar doc. Lustig cotrrct the dude plz pleasr.

  9. I was nodding until he started dissing probiotics. You don't take probiotics to populate the gut, they are supportive of the existing beneficial, fibre feeding bacteria. There's no need to be able to measure their presence after taking them

  10. My second time watching and it will not be the last. If only it was available in different languages. I am big a fan of real food and it does make a huge difference. I have watched several documentaries about the same topic. However, this one was mind blowing. Lots of great reminders but the way he explained it, illustrations used make it so enjoyable to watch.
    Great Teacher

  11. This was beyond amazing. Thank you. It's as though you so eloquently put what 20 different expert's have had in mind in their own small area of expertise, myself a regular middle aged busy career mum, seeking to incorporate a healthy and nutritious approach to lifestyle and recognizing that the sugar addiction is so very real, having turned to a Keto way of living several year's back and losing and maintaining a 110LB weight loss (instigated in panic after being told I was pre diabetic). Still listening and watching daily, seeking to educate myself and my family, the countless experts in their field's, advising of small parts of this puzzle, and you have brought it all together into a format of which the general public can understand and take true action upon, should they choose to do so. This was so great. Thank you.

  12. I'm doing a no sugar or alcohol two weeks! This is the 3rd time! Did it in December but Christmas got in the way! Did it again in January and half way through now.
    It effects what I eat / drink when I don't to it and lost 4 inches from my waist!


  14. Read "the protocols of the elders of Zion" it's the controllers of the world. They run everything; the banks (the fed), most governments now, most all schools, food production, big pharma, churches, medical education, militaries, EVERYTHING. Zionism is a cancer, it's old and they hate humans. Not 100s of 1000s of years…but 6k to 10k years maybe. Lol

  15. Why bother saying that a little bit of sugar is fine? Most people don't know what a little bit means. Sugar is addicting. If some people can't handle only doing a little bit, they will do more and more and more. Better to consume No sugar!

  16. Thanks, listened to this podcast several times. A wealth of information, he is ahead of his time, and in decades this may finally and hopefully be common medical knowledge . It is so easy to eat poorly in this age of over abundance factory food. And Drs. are taught to prescribe by the pharmacy
    Industry. Sugar is maybe even more addictive than alcohol.

  17. I was delighted and grateful with the immediate healing I got through Dr. Agboya herbal medicine after many years of being a patient with HSV2. Keep saving people's lives Dr agboya is here on your YouTube channel🌿

  18. I finally settled on the Whole 30 diet as my go to food plan for cleaning up my diet. My arthritis was so bad a few years ago that I was struggling to walk. I was on Rx for COPD, BP, cholesterol and was prediabetic. I am overweight. The Whole 30 helped me get such relief that I continued very close to the food list for 2years, lost 30# not even trying. Covid hit, I retired instantly, fell off the food plan, gained the 30# back…inflamation came back. Pain gets bad enough, willingness to do the work to get relief comes back. Back on the plan, garden full of lettuces, the heat in my knees relieved. Haven't been to any dr since 8/2018. Their answer is Rx, but I know relief for me is in the garden. I am glad to hear this podcast explaining the details to teach us how & why we need to do the hard work to reclaim health!

  19. My allergies and chronic hives are in remission from taking very specific probiotics for 5+ years. And I do take them every day– but it's better than taking the antihistamines and still dealing with hives and allergies .

  20. Ultra processed food is on the increase with veganism too, as people switch out real food for ultra processed fake food, fake meats and cheeses etc

  21. I'm a plantbased eater and love whole foods. Decided to check the ingredients in my blantbased yoghurt and boom sugar is the second ingredient! 😣

  22. I think sugar is worse than alcohol actually. Alcohol gets you drunk, at least. So most of us FEEL the limit! With sugar, you don't feel any limit. You just get diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, whichever comes first … So yeah I prefer alcohol. All day.

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