Friday, June 9, 2023
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Why Lean Body Mass is Worth Its Weight in Gold | Ted Naiman

Ted Naiman is a board-certified Family Medicine physician in the department of Primary Care at a leading major medical center in Seattle. His research and medical practice are focused on the practical implementation of diet and exercise for health optimization. He has an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering and utilizes engineering principles when dealing with complex systems such as human health and nutrition. AUTHOR OF THE BEST SELLING ‘THE PE DIET’. You can find more at Tw: IG:

This episode is hosted by Dr. Shawn Baker MD. Find him at

0:00 – Intro
04:10 – Protein and diet quality
05:09 – Cellular nutrition vs. processed foods
11:08 – Glucose spikes for carbs, protein, fat
14:53 – Glucose spikes during exercise
17:33 – P:E ratio
21:39 – Protein as a source of energy
25:03 – No essential carbohydrates
28:32 – Protein and gluconeogenesis
32:27 – How much protein is too much?
34:22 – Protein absorption
37:09 – Thermic effect of protein
39:32 – P:E diet vs. PSMF
42:44 – Hunger on higher-protein diet
45:23 – Is caloric reduction necessary?
46:38 – Value of lean mass
51:50 – Underweight, skinny, unable to put on muscle
55:24 – Volume and intensity of weight training
58:53 – How much muscle has Ted put on?
01:01:26 – Does Ted take testosterone?
01:05:06 – Research in the ketogenic space
01:09:25 – Losing weight, reversing diabetes
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36 thoughts on “Why Lean Body Mass is Worth Its Weight in Gold | Ted Naiman
  1. 40-30-30 Diet by Ted Naiman. 80-10-10 Diet by Doug Graham, that’s 80% carbs from fruit. 10% protein which Doug says could be lower just like the 10% fat. McDougall is 100% carbohydrate. That’s his ideal. This was interesting. It challenges the 100% meat theory. Paul Saladino weighs 170 lbs. He eats meat, fruit and honey. 175 grams of protein. 170 carbohydrate. I feel sometimes that we are dancing around certain physical unchangeable facts and not being open enough to root out causes of certain problems for different individuals. We need heavy fearless discussion. Nobody should fear being ashamed about where they are at in life. I am 67 and have done a lot in my life. Lots and lots of changes and experiments brought me initially to The World Carnivore Tribe on FB. 2018. Thank you Shawn!

  2. The reason why people even need more protein nowadays is because they have been lowering carbs too much. Carbs are muscle sparing. Carbs were king in the 90s and everybody was strong and in shape more energy. Diabetes is from having intramuscular fat from eating too much fat. Sheesh who would of known. Common sense is not so common.

  3. You’re going to have to up your game, as it pertains to the video quality! Might want to hold off on future podcasts, until you get your video/audio, caught up to the 21st century! Ted is awesome, by the way!

  4. What a pity that the audio/video quality is SO POOR, because Shawn and Ted are so great to be able to listen to and follow. The production quality issues really make it hard on followers !

  5. There isn't one size fits all way of eating,keto helped me lose 100 lbs, low carb works for me,my older brother is a senior circuit body builder and he eats six small meals a day and he's lean as fk,he eats carbs,protein and some fats,so what works for him works for him and what works for me works for me.

  6. I'm sorry Ted, but your rigid recommendation for women is the formula for eating disorders: A 5' 0 woman should weigh 100 lb and for every inch of height and extra 5 lb meaning at 5 foot 6.5 inches, I "should weigh" 132-33lb when I weigh more like 176+ pounds so only 50lb above this BS recommendation.

    I would have to objectively, and physiologically starve myself in a completely insane, eating disordered, way to get to your weight recommendation. WTF??

    I get streamlining and simplifying for the general public but this is one area (scale weight) where you got to "dig in the weeds" because a recommendation like that causes REAL HARM. At least I'm old enough to shrug off such a stupid recommendation.

  7. "Hard-gainer" is a gendered term applied only to males when "skinny-fat" is not and applied to both genders. Genetically, they are the same folks.

    What's the term for those who put on both fat & muscle easily (necessarily adjusted for age and gender)? Mass-gainer? Maybe. What about when the same folks get metabolically dysregulated? I guess we just call them Fat. Again genetically the same people.

    What about folks whose lineage has a little of both and it shows up in different zones in their bodies? I had a scrawny hard-gainer, small-skeleton father (which shows up in my neck, arms and difficulty putting on visible muscle) and a massively obese mother from a family of male athletes (which shows up everywhere else). Really believe if it weren't for the lethal combination of shitty 20th century food + 20th Century misogyny/toxic femininity, my mother could have been a strength athlete like her genes were crying out for. And therefore setting an infinitely better example for her daughter.

  8. I am SHOCKED to hear the false information about how the pancreas works!! This information sounds like the anti-fat propaganda that caused the SAD diet!! With NO scientific data to support this. Millions of baby boomers' cells can't adequately utilize Vitamin D and other fat based nutrients due to the fact that they have eaten a low fat diet for so long!! Fats DO NOT turn into fat!! To falsely state that a per-diabetic has high fasting triglycerides, high fasting insulin levels, high free fatty acids is, I quote, "…basically too much fat in the system…" Just has my blood BOILING!! Shame on YOU!!

  9. Hi, as I understad, we can make glucose not only from protein but mainly from fat, glycerol, so I do not thing that we eat aur own muscle for glucose much☝️💪🤓

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