Friday, June 9, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Parasite Eve Walkthrough Part 3: Doctor Hans Klamp

Aya uses the modification permit given to her by chief Baker to modify her sidearm at NYPD 17th precinct’s armory and also manages to procure an assault rifle. As she does, she meets Daniel’s young son named Ben who came to the precinct looking for his father in order to ask him to accompany him to a concert in Central Park. Daniel, who was passing through the hallway, sees him and gently tells him that he cannot go with him since he is too busy with Ben angrily storming out of the building. As she comments the situation with another officer, Aya discovers that Daniel is divorced from his wife named Lorraine and has managed to secure a custody over Ben before being called into Baker’s office. There, Aya is told that she will take part in press conference regarding the incident at Carnegie Hall due to being the sole survivor of the ordeal, being warned to only answer the journalists’ questions when allowed to due to Baker’s fear that they will twist her words for their own purposes, possibly framing her as the suspect in the process. At the press conference, one of the journalists asks how come Aya escaped Carnegie Hall unscathed while everyone else present there was burned alive with Aya openly paraphrasing what Eve told her during their confrontation, mentioning that Eve took over Melissa Pearce’s body with Baker ending the press conference before Aya can say more. Later, as he reprimands Aya for speaking out at the press conference in his office with Daniel and Nix being present as well, Baker is called by a Japanese scientist who mentioned mitochondria. As officers try to realize the meaning behind the call, Nix recalls a scientist working at New York’s Natural History Museum named Hans Klamp who is working on a new theory concerning mitochondria. Deciding to pay him a visit, Aya and Daniel get over to the museum and enter Klump’s office. As he looks at two officers, Aya recognizes him as a doctor from mental image showing blonde little girl in the hospital but says nothing with Klamp briefly explaining the function of mitochondria to two officers, revealing that spontaneous combustion of a human being would be possible if all mitochondriae in their cells were to start functioning simultaneously and that 1987 research into human ancestry revealed that every human being in the world has a lineage traceable to a single woman in Africa who was nicknamed Mitochondrial Eve. As Aya notes that the creature that caused the massacre in Carnegie Hall also called itself Eve, Klamp briefly shows surprise before excusing himself and returning to his work. After realizing that they will get no useful information out of him, two officers head back towards the station where they are briefed by Baker who reveals that Melissa Pierce was supposed to have a solo concert in Central Park which was cancelled due to her disappearance after the events of Carnegie Hall but that people are still gathering there. Recalling that his son and ex-wife are there, Daniel rushes out with Aya being sent after him. After they reach the park entrance, Daniel tries to get inside but immediately catches on fire, being forced to stay outside as Aya reassures him that she will get his family out of the park safely…


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