Saturday, June 10, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

The Holistic Classroom EP2: The Truth About Candida, Birth Control & Sugar w FHS & FNTP @mariajeanH

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1:38 Maria being the sugar red pill & why she doesn’t demonize any macronutrients

3:25 Maria’s story of becoming a health & fitness practitioner , risks of surgery she learned through her mother’s health story

10:00 Bio Individuality & Blanket Statements

11:00 Maria’s Ray Peat Lightbulb Moment

12:10 Veganism & Keto More Like No Thanks Bro

16:29 The Demonization of Dairy in the Alternative Health Industry & The Truth about MUCUSSS!!

18:39 Why Raw Dairy Feels Better for You & Why Cutting out Dairy Altogether Can Bite you in your A**

19:29 – Orthorexic Eating & Stress

21:00 The Truth *dun dun dun* CANDIDA / We talk about sugar & high fructose corn syrup & Mitochondria here too 😉 where we tried to talk about candida and acne but it didn’t really happen lol

27:12 Addressing the Sugar Robs your body of minerals argument

30:22 The Signs of Estrogen Dominance / Exposing Hormonal Birth Control / Our Estrogen Dominant World (holy chit)

35:29 Stress and How Your Body Perceives Stress as a LAYYDEEEEE

39:06 Addiction to Stress & Balancing Gorl Bossing

41:28 Burnout , Chronic Fatigue & Mitochondrial Dysfunction

43:18 #ExpertTakes Biggest Gaps in The Healthcare System when it Comes to Women Health / The Rhythm Method vs Natural Fertility Awareness Method /

46:42 Post Birth Control Syndrome and Uninformed Consent with the Pill

48:25 Post Birth Control Acne

50:10 Gallbladder Removal and Hormonal Issues

53:40 Thyroid & Hypothyroidism & Masculine Culture Affecting Women’s Thyroid Function

59:57 Thoughts on Hyperthyroidism

01:02:22 Relying on Intuition as a Practitioner in Making Decisions Working with Clients & Why Lots of Scientific Studies r NAWT for the Gorls

01:06:07 The Haes Method / Obesity / Black & White Thinking in the Big Weight Debate

01:08:57 Personal Experiences in Diet Culture / Hour Long ELIPTICALSSSS / Cat Learns about Diet Pills

01:15:00 Phytoestrogenic Foods

01:16:34 Why Your Supplements Make you NAWSEOUS

01:18:57 Are You *Actually* Anemic Question Mark

01:21:40 Maria’s Plugs, Waitlist, Instagram and More Because We Thought it Was Over

01:23:32 YOU THOUGHT IT WAS OVER.. HA Functional Doctors Can Be Inefficient Too *oop* Candida Starve Kill Protocol Discussion Continued

01:33:03 Recovering from SIBO *we hate kale*

01:35:54 LIPOFUSCIN *YAAASS* & Dave Aspey makes us giggle


01:42:24 Mitochondrial Leakage / Drainage Pathways & Parasites Affecting Hormonal Health

01:46:34 Should Everyone Work With a Functional Practitioner & Vetting Your Practitioners

01:47:48 Other Fav Leaders and Researchers In Health

01:50:42 there are FOUR phases of water??? & how to get structured water in your diet

01:54:24 Science Doesn’t Settle

01:56:46 Humoral Medicine, As Above So Below And Energetic Patterns of Health

01:59:27 Maria’s Root Cause Theory

2:02:22 Someone Calls My Laptop :/ #NotLit

02:04:06 Learned Helplessness

02:06:45 Love Hate Relationship with Probiotics

02:09:11 The Problem with Stool Tests

02:10:55 Chewing Your Food Will Solve *most* of Your Issues

02:14:00 WE”RE BACK – Being Perfect before Working with Clients ?


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