Saturday, June 10, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Why our food is killing us, with Dr. Robert Lustig

Robert Lustig is an American physician and researcher who has written extensively about how our modern food environment is poisoning us. His 2012 book “Fat Chance” was a New York Times bestseller. He recently came out with a new book, “Metabolical”, in which he lays out in detail the science of how and why modern processed foods destroy our health. He also explains why the food industry, along with our governments and co-opted scientists and dieticians, are doing their best to keep us eating things that make us fat and diabetic and that cause us to die prematurely.

In this interview I talk to Robert about what it is specifically that makes processed foods so unhealthy, and why there are such strong vested interests involved in getting us to eat unhealthy foods. We also discuss what can be done, both at an individual level and a societal level, to reverse the health crisis wrought by processed foods.


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23 thoughts on “Why our food is killing us, with Dr. Robert Lustig
  1. Good. this podcast is a lot better than the ridiculous "Eat Like Animals" one which I did not like one bit. (PS is that a packet of cigarettes on the table behind you?)

  2. I do not agree with Dr. Robert Lustig that fiber is an essential nutrient, netiher for us or the microbiome. I think it is clear (especially from my own experimentation) that lack of fiber has no negative effect on my digestive system. I have never seen any evidence that would point in the opposite direction either.

    However, if you eat carbohydrates it is better (to avoid the metabolic issues) to eat carbohydrates with its fiber (like vegetables and fruits) instead of things that are just carbohydrates stripped from fiber. I do not see any reason to eat vegetables nor fruit except for the taste.

  3. Thank you for this, I might have to get a copy of the book. I can see the problem with the big lobby groups, if people stop eating rubbish, not only will big sugar and corn lose money but big pharma also, as people won't need their drugs. They've got us coming and going.

  4. Great content again. I've literally just ordered this book on Audible. You have an uncanny knack of covering the health content I'm interested in and want to find out about. You've quickly become my favourite health podcaster.

  5. As a child I could not tolerate the taste of sweet foods at all so I did not eat sweet foods.. not just sugar but anything that TASTES sweet. In fact, very early in my childhood if I ate something sweet, I would throw up… literally. This caused me, at age 15, to study diet. I discovered that it would not be good for me to eat anything but WHOLE foods. To this day (I'm 72 years old now) I eat whole foods (excluding fruit because it is too sweet). I eat vegetables and meat without any additives except what I put in them myself (herbs and spices). I found that this is best for my health. However, it has NOT kept me from eating more than I should. Nor has it kept me from gaining weight. So I'm not sure this doctor is correct about everything he says. But I can tell you that if you gain weight on my diet and eat more than you should, you will at least not be ill nor get any diseases.

  6. Thank you. I appreciate that you are not a USA trained physician and that you have wonderful guests from the USA, this man is very much someone I follow and recommend. We need to get different perspectives as in the USA the food and medical industries are busy convincing us that all is well, and it isn't.

  7. Dr. Rushworth is one of the best interviewers. Like Dr. Mercola he asks the right questions and lets the (always excellent) guest talk. Dr. Lustig is smarter than anyone, with a touch of well deserved arrogance, which I like. Since he's wicked smart he should be more arrogant, but since he's not he appears modest.

    Dr. Lustig, like other ultra-smarties, has a memory capacity for deeper and more detailed background information than we do and is able to put it all together so we can understand. By doing so he makes us smart.

    Such long-form social media interviews are the new journalism; the legacy processed news with no cites from the mainstream shill media is dead, except for stupidos who parrot their media programming and call it critical thought, since those who parrot cannot question, by definition, and questioning is the foundation of critical thought.

    But not sure if fiber is good. Germ-free mice with sterile microbiomes live longer (lower TNF, less immune system overwork, and no epithelial degradation). Getting rid of all bugs (both good and bad) may be net positive. Heck, antibiotics could be good for you.

    Not much fiber in a carnivore diet – google Kelly Hogan or Charlene Andersen to see what happens when you eat zero fiber, just meat, for ten and twenty years straight. Maybe a so-called balanced microbiome is as important as a balanced diet – too bad neither has ever existed for longer than a second or two, except when we ate meat and nothing but meat (during our 2 million years of ice-age migration) back in the cavepeople days. Back then it was thrive or die and the meat part was the thrive part. When you got hungry you simply said, "Me Eat." Didn't think much about fiber. So no mitochondrial dysfunction or chronic disease possible. If you don't keep it simple you need to manage complexity by putting hats on top of hats, and that's ridiculous.

  8. People need to take responsibility for their own lives. Not everyone will be able to do that…. But once enough have realized exactly that, it will change.

  9. Come on, don't buy foods with a 'logo'? I'd have to pass by steel cuts oats, and brown rice. Both of which are whole grains filling, and last I checked, nutritional.

  10. Vegans need to take B12 though and often DHA, zinc, and other things as well. Plant based and vegetarian diets made me really sick. I need plenty of meat in my diet or I end up with severe zinc deficiency. Supplements are not the same for my body and plant based sources are not absorbed well or enough for me.

    Potatoes lack B12 and is very low in zinc and other things.

    If fruit is high in fructose, I don't see how it is all that healthy. I have read research that fruit negatively affects the immune system.

    Frozen veggies have fiber so how does it freeze?

  11. What about Oxalates?phytic acid?lectins the list goes on and on and all plants foods, fruits, grains, beans, legumes contains poison that steal yours minerals from your body, dr lustig dont speak all the truth.carnivore diet is the best when eating grass fed beef and from wild Animals.

  12. I've never had a sweet tooth, I can say no to cake and pastries anytime, for me it was savoury things like maize snacks, pork pies etc, which also have added sugar. I grew up assuming what my parents fed me was healthy. I was never overweight, my mother didn't buy potato chips or fizzy drinks for us (except at Xmas) because she was brought up eating lots of obvious sugar and was always obese, however I was often hungry between meals as we ate so much white bread and other refined and processed foods. It caught up with me when I hit 40 and hormonal changes began again. My weight slowly crept up nearly 70lb. I still have around 35lb to go but feel much better. My mother is now pre diabetic and my best friend is hypoglycemic with dumping syndrome and we all had similar diets in the 'fat is bad' era.

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