Sunday, February 5, 2023

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7 thoughts on “Hocus 45th presents The Rabbit Hole feat Dr. EnQi
  1. Dragged that intro , like made u a target. Lol jk But the GREATEST ISSUES ARE IN THE OLD tools thats being used, and the way they approached the scientific solutions these tools haven’t been simply invented . Most of the key arguments CANT not be held because truthfully they have no existence in the progressional talk ,there isn’t any true arguments it’s literally carefully studies that even those thoughts can throw u off , now I’m not sure that what have been “labeled” key melanin used , but it can be assumed like your argument or studies are like if not coming at us as a whole or just destructive ideals but that’s just the neural patterns from the fast pace conditions, that established that “rabbit hole”or I like to say “pothole” methodology where we have these brain farts or memory wipes, it doesn’t sound CORE solution based it’s just weirdly directed towards weird exaggerated ideals that’s just based around irrational racial assumptions BUT THATS NOT TRUE EITHER ITS JUST when your not really doing true work BECAUSE THE STARTING POINT HAS BEEN BASED OFF OF MISUNDERSTOOD ATTEMPTS OF PEOPLE GREATEST IDEALS IN FINDING PROPER SOLUTIONS & the time differences ..NOW with your own tools that have been created to find the solutions and or the unnamed diseases these people are truly genuinely trying to trust us to recreate the world , properly.. and I get the shackles and the ideas but to apply these knowledges and taking full control comes with understanding that we created everything in the beginning mentioning “white people” as if they aren’t overstanding these PSYSTEMS & trying to be completely into without looking foolish or dealing with the same issues , we can look at “COVID-19” with a higher essence that understands the SUM of our key issues and was an attempt to shut down the world to allow people to see that we was in a cycle of spending money back and forth and doing things that just probably connected to our “destruction” and if we was to start over we wouldn’t have to spend money , buy food , going to school , most of the things that people may not really recognize & see the influence of the way the world is so fast paced and it created most of those key diseases , and or massive issues in the world … I believe we just get super excited and sometimes just get distracted by how good it feels to make points that for years haven’t been upgraded or understood but if we are working with invisible entities and or scientific “PSYUNTUS “ as I like to call it , EXOTERIC hidden words / PSY , SUN , TUS ESOTERIC HIDDEN WORDS , it’s hidden forms that I’ve found the way to find “MAATAMATIK” ideals it’s just invisible words & Worlds — if GODS /KINGS & QUEENS IS A THROWBACK IF ANCIENT EGYPT IS A THROWBACK AND US BEING ABLE TO SPEAK TO STARLIGHT & ESTABLISH ASTROLOGY IS A THROWBACK IMAGINE WHAT WOULD BE POSSIBLE TODAY HAD WE PROPERLY APPROACHED WHAT WE ARE DOING .

  2. With Applied Supreme MAATAMATIKS, just “Chips” would be the simplest foods easy to break down and eat that could add a lot of ingredients to our body’s lol , your “Noodles” would be something that scientifically isn’t created from animals or by animals , that’s harmonious with not picking up direct energy from a animal or blood , a science 🧬 that after there developed scientific ways to create a protein concentrated tasty food these ideals don’t have to be recreated but they are harmonious scientifically designs that don’t need to be recreated but they are values that we can build off of to establish even greater solutions..

  3. Reading the 41 laws of maat & understanding in actions and applying those Truth justice and orders the way they’ve translated the ideals , MAATH AND OR SIMPLIFIED— “MATH” and adding those Laws or trying to apply those laws today it would be extremely difficult because of the things that we already did in our life may have to be revisited properly to find certain truths it’s a path that’s not properly overstood .

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