Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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The 6 Foods You Should NEVER EAT Again! | Mark Hyman

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Eating ultra-processed foods—made primarily from wheat, corn, and soy—increases your death rate by 75 percent. How’s that for a sobering statistic! Unfortunately, American grocery-store shelves are monopolized by foods that contain ingredients that you should never eat, like partially hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, and more. These foods have been scientifically proven to cause disease and death, so why do we still keep reaching for them?

In this episode of my Masterclass series, I am interviewed by my good friend and podcast host Dhru Purohit about foods that you should never eat again, foods to limit, and the food industry’s role in why these foods are so pervasive in our supermarkets.

Dhru Purohit is a podcast host, serial entrepreneur, and investor in the health and wellness industry. His podcast, The Dhru Purohit Podcast, is a top-50 global health podcast with over 30 million unique downloads. His interviews focus on the inner workings of the brain and the body and feature the brightest minds in wellness, medicine, and mindset.

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Mentioned in this episode:
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Eat REAL: https://eatreal.org/


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26 thoughts on “The 6 Foods You Should NEVER EAT Again! | Mark Hyman
  1. Thank you DrHyman for all the information you provide. I’ve learned so much from you in the last year. I’ve taken notes. I started following what you were telling us. It wasn’t easy at first but as time went on I lost my cravings for sugar & processed foods. I started making your smoothie recipe every morning to start my day off. In the last 13 months, I’ve lost 67 pounds, am off all of my medications. They were for my high blood pressure which I no longer have & my thyroid which is now within normal limits. I have 2 autoimmune disorders but they are now undetectable!!! I am amazed & so are my Doctors!!!!! I have never felt this good in I can’t even remember so thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I can never thank you enough!! I love these extremely informative podcasts & never miss any of them. 🙏🙏

  2. So, so good..when are we going to wake up and educate ourselves about what to put in our bodies! Thanks for hitting on what if you can’t get organic, grass fed beef, a problem out here in the Mariana’s islands, but we beg the stores to please bring it in!

  3. American regulators need to be held criminally liable….as should American boards and arguably shareholders too. I thought Europe sucked…..but I’d rather drink river water in China than eat from a US supermarket.

  4. I always asked what oils they use before I order or even go there. I make sure that they can cook with extra Virgin olive oil and just tell them what I’m allergic to.

  5. When he says, avoid flour, any kind of flour. I wonder if my homemade almond flour is included. I grind one cup of almonds into flour, I count that the same as eating one cup of almonds.

  6. Totally agree with everything Dr Hyman said however I doubt it will ever change because EVERYTHING in this Country is driven by one thing – money. It’s going to be up to us to be our own health advocates and unfortunately not everyone can or will do that.

  7. You’re a truth seeker…Dr. Mark Hyman. You’re the only podcaster on food science that delivers knowledge on a multitude of levels. Levels that directly affect our health, our economy, and our planet. Your knowledge on food toxicity, environmental impact, diseases, economics, meal planning, promoting single ingredient foods( i.e., the food item itself), nutrient dense foods, and forbidden foods that are destructive to our health has taught me everything I need to know. I’ve watched all your podcasts and your panel discussions with other food gurus. You stand out to me Dr. Hyman!
    You’re as the best doctor on the planet!! Thanks for your hard work and for remaining current.

  8. My daughter was in school during the Obama era…the school lunches were absolutely terrible. Raw chicken.. No flavor.. Rotting milk.. Made her lunches…I remember school lunches in my day we had to pay for and were much better..fresh salads. Good whole chicken on bone etc…Government controlled anything is terrible. Just like now a certain political party are trying to say meat is bad and cows are bad etc…co2 is needed for the Co2 and O2 cycle…and creating policies and law in certain states where a farmer or homesteader can't cull there own organic, natural meat… So I am definitely voting against all those policies where that political party is trying to take away my rights for me to grow my own food naturally

  9. 1) why does it take 1 hour to tell us about six foods? Dr Berg would be able to make a 2 minute video that is just as useful as this one

    2) this guy is unhealthy looking

    3) functional medicine is dangerous Mark gives scary advice when it comes to things like chelation that no one should do

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