Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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How to Detox Your Body | Remove Toxins with this Effective Method – Dr. Jessica Peatross

I’m excited to share this talk with Dr. Jess Peatross. We talked about her Kill Bind Sweat Protocol, why you may not be getting better and why you may need to do a detox.

Dr. Jess Peatross is a former hospitalist, internal medicine-based medical doctor, and a certified Gerson Practitioner. She is an expert in the areas of stealth infections, environmental toxicity, regenerative medicine, ozone, and cannabis. Her passion lies in uncovering the mystery behind the chronic illness, whether that be stealth infections, heavy metals, stress/trauma or other environmental toxicities. There are real, root cause answers for WHY the body might be malfunctioning.

We discuss the following:

0:00 Intro
1:49 About Dr. Jess Peatross
2:16 Kill Bind Sweat Protocol
7:13 The inability to sweat
12:03 Thoughts on cleaning up the diet
18:00 Proper way to kill a toxin
21:30 Thoughts on parasite cleanse and the full moon ritual
24:41 EMFs and mold
28:50 Living in Green Bank, West Virginia for EMF sensitive patients
29:36 Thoughts on mold for MCAS and the sick building syndrome
34:30 Kill Bind Sweat Protocol tips
36:57 Thoughts on cholestyramine
38:39 Where to find Dr. Jess Peatross

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**DISCLAIMER: I am only here to provide support as a nutritional therapy practitioner and I am not providing medical advice. I always recommend working with a team of holistic practitioners, including your PCP and a certified nutritional therapy practitioner. Do not self-diagnose. Always seek medical guidance when you have a medical condition.

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17 thoughts on “How to Detox Your Body | Remove Toxins with this Effective Method – Dr. Jessica Peatross
  1. I'm struggling, I don't know if it's toxins or what. I've been strict carnivore and water for a month, and I still have zinging and burning in my legs and feet, leg cramps, extreme tiredness, and diarrhea. I don't know what to do at this point. πŸ˜”

  2. Every time I listen to you how you conduct your interviews I have an deepening respect for you and your book. Pre menopause wasn't an issue an year ago now I find out its in your book. Your truly an gift to the carnivore diet. Thank you shalom. Ps if your ever east Washington state please look me up we have spare everything. Be safe

  3. I disagree about diet when detoxing. Getting on the proper diet based on one's bio-individual needs is crucial for detox to happen. If you're still eating trash then it's going to add to the toxicity. I wouldn't focus on killing parasites because the body invites them in to clean up toxicity. You have to get rid of the toxicity first and then when your body doesn't need the parasites anymore then it'll get rid of them on its own.

  4. Hi Dr. My blood came back with a GGT of 175, first time this test was on my blood work. Alkaline Phosphatase = 274, ast= 24, alt =34. Gall bladder removed 40 yrs ago, a direction for cleaning my bile ducts? Feel good, not signs. Where to start. Thanks πŸ’•

  5. Will I ever heal if I can't afford to move or mold proof my home??? Not everyone can afford this option. πŸ˜“ we fixed our bathroom and removed mold from around the tub but it's probably in other areas. As a parent who tried their hardest I feel like a failure because I can't afford this or afford a way to filter the bath water.

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