Friday, June 9, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

The Power of Hypnosis & Guided Meditation w/ Sara Raymond #399

Sara Raymond helps people untangle themselves from emotional blocks through hypnosis and guided meditation. Her practice, The Mindful Movement, has inspired thousands – including myself – to tap into the depths of their subconscious and release embedded pain and limiting beliefs. In this episode, we unpack the mysterious realm of hypnotherapy and meditation and explore how these complementary modalities, combined with mindful movement practices, can help us get unstuck from the parts of ourselves that are no longer serving us.

06:40 — How Sara Built The Mindful Movement

The moment Sara discovered hypnosis as a form of therapy How Sara overcame her initial resistance to meditation Evolving The Mindful Movement online Growing a business in partnership

36:50 — Mindful Movement in Action

Why movement helps meditation practice Applicable breath practices to try right now Vocal toning + Yoga Nidra Myths about meditation

50:05 — Hypnosis + Meditation

Hypnosis beyond entertainment Reflections on my session with Sara Get 15% off a session with the code LUKESTOREY at Working with emotional blocks The mind/body connection Why 7 million people have turned to Sarah to help them sleep How meditation and hypnosis differ Holding space for trauma Healing from a place of worth

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