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Mitochondrial Health

Dr. Steven Gundry | Antibiotics & Your Gut Health | PRETTY INTENSE PODCAST | Ep. 133

Dr. Steven Gundry | Antibiotics & Your Gut Health | PRETTY INTENSE PODCAST | Ep. 133
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00:00 – Intro
02:40 – Dr Gundry’s Practice.
04:20 – Lectin Damage
07:20 – Women are special
08:15 – Trust Your Gut
08:25 – Danica’s Hormones
10:05 – Food We Think Is Healthy
10:52 – Plants Can Have Protective Poisons
11:10 – Humans Are Not That Smart
12:01 – Dangers Of Antibiotics
13:15 – Fixing The Damage Of Antibiotics
14:00 – How To Spot Gut Issues
14:30 – Marathons Are Terrible For Your Health
15:30 – Your Skin Shoe Your Gut Health
16:30 – Autoimmune Diseases
19:00 – Food Sensitivities
20:00 – Gluten Free Foods Have Lectins
21:40 – Crones Disease
26:00 – Best Tests To Take
29:00 – Leaky Gut
30:00 – Vitamin D
35:00 – Glyphosate Is Present In Most Of Our Foods
35:40 – Poisoning Our Food For Profit
38:00 – Organic Food Can Be Contaminated
40:00 – What Not To Eat
50:00 – Keto Diet
53:00 – Cutting Down The Window Of Eating
56:00 – Burning Calories
56:30 – Uncoupling To Survive
57:20 – Mitochondria Function
58:00 – Poly Finals
59:00 – Eat More Olive Oil
59:30 : Goat And Sheep Cheese
1:00:00 – MCT Oil

Today we have a treat. It is Dr Steven Gundry. Dr. Gundry is a brilliant cardiologist, heart surgeon, researcher and author. He wrote “The Plant Paradox” ” The Longevity Paradox” ” The Energy Paradox” and his newest book is called “Unlocking The Keto Code” We stared out with the basics of ultimate health information. We talk a lot today about the importance of gut health. You are going to be surprised by a few things in your diet that you thought were good for you. There is so much to learn from Dr Gundry about gut health, and how it can effect every aspect of your life. Enjoy this episode.
Dr. Steven Gundry has worked in medicine for over 40 years. Probably best known for his work as a cardiothoracic surgeon and heart surgeon… but today he is focusing on something very different: Teaching people how to avoid surgery by using his unique vision of human nutrition. His mission is to improve your health, happiness, and longevity by making simple changes to your diet. Director and Founder of the International Heart & Lung Institute as well as the Center for Restorative Medicine in Palm Springs and Santa Barbara, CA. Every day at these offices, Dr Gundry helps patients learn how to take control of their weight, health, and energy by using his surprisingly simple diet advice. He began his surgical residency at the University of Michigan. While there, he was chosen to participate in a prestigious research program run by the National Institutes of Health. This is where his love of scientific research was born. He was one of the first 20 surgeons to test the implantable left ventricular assist device, a type of artificial heart. He also helped pioneer the use of robots for minimally-invasive heart surgery. He holds the record for the longest-surviving pig-to-baboon heart transplant – a procedure called xenotransplantation. Dr. Gundry and colleague Leonard Bailey, performed more infant and pediatric heart transplants than anyone else in the world. Dr. Gundry operated in more than 30 countries – including charitable missions to China, India, and Zimbabwe. He published over 300 articles or book chapters on cardiac surgery as well as on nutritional breakthroughs dealing with high cholesterol, heart disease, and hypertension. In 2001, He met a so-called “hopeless” patient suffering from heart disease. By making some unusual changes in his diet — almost by chance — this man made a complete turnaround. Eventually Dr Gundry was able to give him the quadruple bypass surgery that has kept him alive to this day. In working with him, he made some major discoveries that changed the course of my career. He learned what nutrients were deficient in the American Diet, and which of our “staple” foods were actually toxic to the human body.

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21 thoughts on “Dr. Steven Gundry | Antibiotics & Your Gut Health | PRETTY INTENSE PODCAST | Ep. 133
  1. ALCOHOL!!!, will kill your gut micromb I know because now I have a auto immune problem plus a nuerological issue as well including TINNITUS!! STOP WITH THE ALCHOL, or you will never get better!

  2. Danica, RIGHT ON!!
    Plus Danica your looking great keep it up and glad your back into NASCAR! 💪💕

  3. I would recommend some caution with respect to some of his statements. A pier review study of some of his work has identified many misleading statements and leaps of logic that are not impericaly proven. Please do some research on these pier reviews for your own benefit. Love and consideration to all.

  4. Dr. Gundry is the most important person when it comes to healthy eating. If you read the Plant Paradox it turns everything on its head of what you thought you knew. I follow it 80% because I don’t have the health issues he tackles. It did change what I eat. I don’t eat process foods or animals raised on modern farming. I don’t store food in plastic and many other healthful tips. If you compare Tom Brady’s way of eating it comes very close to the Plant Paradox.

  5. I am not sure that some of the things he says are true. According to FDA and USDA live stock can't just be fed antibiotics. Obviously we have some issues with antibiotic overuse but there is no need to be a fear monger. My grandparents and parents grew up during a time when infections killed you. We may be getting back to a time when this happens again. I think people have it under control though. I know I do, but I am pretty lucky. Hope you enjoyed your ski trip in Colorado. Would love to make some turns with you sometime 🙂

  6. If you are prescribed antibiotics while waiting for the prescription to be filled you must also buy Florastor (most pharmacies now carry it). And the highest-quality probiotics you can get. All 3 are necessary. I went to the natural foods store and bought the prebiotics out of the fridge. Pure desperation.
    Why? my mother was also constantly on anti-biotics for several years. Z pack etc. As she was declining she became constantly C-Dif positive, due to all the antibiotics she had taken. C-Dif is a HUGE issue in assisted living facilities. All antibiotics kill the biome. All of it. The bad and good, except very few such as wheat germ that Florator is (I think). Anyway, Florastor is not killed off.
    So you have your cocktail at the ready. When you take an antibiotic you also take a florastor with it. Halfway before your next dosing, you take another Florastor and that prebiotic. Repeat this sequence through your antibiotic prescription. After the end of antibiotic treatment continue to take the Florastor and prebiotic at least 3 times a day until you run out. We did this while waiting to see the immunologist appointment several days (8) later. By the time her appointment came due she told him she no longer had symptoms and we left after a nice visit. I think if this process was used every time an antibiotic was prescribed the C-Dif issue in ALFs would not exist and chronic users of antibiotics would be in better shape.

  7. olha Danica Você usa chips te andado em act elected porque você esta tão intensa . comigo so porque eu pesquiso ha ufologia . os UFOS AND ELECTED . E PODE DETECTAR QUALQUER UM QUE ANDA . NISTO EU SOU LIVE . 👽😱#

  8. I don't really know how to thank you Dr odija channel for making me to live like my fellow mates and for curing my baby from autism…. thank you so much may God always you and your work..,,,,,,

  9. Gosh the more we pay attention, the more we realize how little we really do know. Ppl pay TOP dollar for just a segment of this interview. A wealth of information. Thank you for NOT holding back from asking the NEED TO KNOW?’s, in turn getting answer’s after answer’s that we all have. “We are what we eat…” 🙏🏽🙌🏽

  10. Criminal behaviors from all them pushers-with-degrees who keep prescribing antibiotics for everything under the sun. It's science 101 that antibiotics will cause germs to mutate stronger and stronger every time they survive an assault by antibiotics. This was the main thing taught in basic Health Science to be very careful with antibiotics. That's why we have such bionic germs nowadays.

  11. Been taking Dr. Gundry's Vital reds every morning for years now. What saddens me now, at 65 yrs old is, as I'm keeping myself as healthy as I can, so many people and loved ones are falling ill soon after taking the C-jabs. Makes me wonder what's the point of being so healthy that you'll outlive every one you care about and become a lonely old lady by the time you're 75.

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