Saturday, June 10, 2023
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The Inspiring Science Award 2022 – Virtual Ceremony

The Inspiring Science Award 2022 – Swati Sharma won the award for her paper ‘Spatiotemporal recruitment of RhoGTPase protein GRAF inhibits actomyosin ring constriction in Drosophila cellularization’.

This is a recording of the virtual award ceremony with Professor Satyajit Mayor, Professor LS Shashidhara, the finalists – Md Iqbal Azmi, Mayank Garg, Parej Nath, Deep Prakash, Monalisha Rath, Swati Sharma, Suranjana Pal, and Rinku Krushnachandra Sahu, and the team from TNQ Technologies.

Learn more about the finalists, and their papers:

The Inspiring Science Award, sponsored by TNQ Technologies, aims to recognise and reward quality science, inspire scholarship, and support researchers to pursue their passion in the Life Sciences by selecting the best published scientific paper in the Life Sciences from India each year.


The Inspiring Science Award:


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