Wednesday, February 8, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

What New Fat Research Actually Says

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▼ Timestamps ▼

0:00 – Introduction (Mind/Body connection)
3:45 – Endocrine System
7:09 – Fat distribution
13:40 – Nutritional intake and hormones
19:09 – Weight setpoint
21:43 – Inflammatory markers
31:48 – Converting white fat to brown fat
35:38 – Related substances
43:21 – Conclusion
46:33 – Questions


Today Doctor K talks about the endocrine system, how fat actually works, the secret behind fat, fat and nutrition, white fat vs brown fat, what substances cause fat, hormones and fat, fat effecting blood pressure, and more! Healthy Gamer also talks about effects of reducing weight, losing weight and blood pressure, damage from high blood pressure, and more!


Healthy Gamer is an online community and resource platform for gamers and their families. It does not provided medical services or professional counseling, and it is not a substitute for professional medical care. Our coaches are peer supporters, not professionally trained experts, and they cannot provide medical service. If you or a loved on are experiencing an emergency, please call your nation’s emergency telephone number.

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21 thoughts on “What New Fat Research Actually Says
  1. Why would people think there is a difference between physical and mental health? It’s the same metabolism in both places. Health issues are metabolic issues.

  2. Great content! I have been wondering for a while now how strong of a stress reaction does scary/intense games cause on the body and mind and does it have same effect as "being afraid of the tiger". This could be very very bad for gamers, especially those who play a lot. Imagine artificially maintaining "fight or flight" 8+ hours a day for years.

  3. Ok cool but don't you think that so, ..
    Anti-Nausea medicine and Nausea medicine mean the same thing so like what gives. Like A word and its antonym means the same thing. What's happening here?

  4. You should’ve been more clear on the Vitamin D issue. Of course, any intake is better than no intake, i take the supplement in winter too, but it should be clear that getting Vitamin D from sunlight is always better than from supplements.

  5. As a green tea consumer (overall tea enjoyer) (and more of a skinny person) I can say that even though there is no 100% clear evidence on every positive effect of green tea, for me it did this: it improved my skin, it enhances my concentration for a certain amount of time (coffein effect) and it lowered my appetite (hunger feeling).

    overall I would say it improved my life (also I like the taste (depending on quality and so on it varies)

    now the little negative side you COULD encounter:

    high coffein sensitivity means problems sleeping at night (when consuming late in the afternoon, or early night) overall and I am not sure (sleep feels a little bit less refreshing) when consumed a lot of green or other tea´s from the the plant camellia sinensis.

    Some major advice are, not only drink tea combine it with drinking more water in general, also set healthy limits and dont drink later in the day when you have problems with coffein/sleeping

    All these informations are my personal experience and opinions and dont have the goal to be scientific.

    My dad has diabetes and I recommended him green tea, he is still not used to the taste and he also likes coffee, I will be able to see if his bloodsugar data is going down or not. I might update if it worked for him.

  6. Thank you for discussing this from a scientifically grounded perspective. I have people in my life who are very in denial that being very overweight is a health problem at all. Ofc nobody should be shamed for their body, but denying any adverse health effects at all is an unfortunate trend.

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