Tuesday, January 31, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Importance of Exercise, Effects of Alcohol, and the Science of Longevity, with Peter Attia

It’s Wellness Week at the Megyn Kelly Show. Megyn Kelly is joined by Peter Attia, longevity expert and founder of Early Medical, to talk about the science of longevity, the crucial importance of exercise (especially later in life, new ways of detecting cancer, how alcohol affects our longevity and our overall health and sleep, mindfulness best practices, how sauna use can lengthen our life, how to live a healthier and longer life, and more.

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50 thoughts on “Importance of Exercise, Effects of Alcohol, and the Science of Longevity, with Peter Attia
  1. Peter Attia is a bona fide member of the 3F club (Physical Fitness Fanatics), and this interview is very much centered on his rigorous habits and extreme behaviors.
    For the rest of us, aging seniors who value exercise as a gentler imperative of continued well-being and activity, one part seems to be missing in this presentation of the "science of longevity”. This could be bringing into the discussion a sample of cases of people in their last decade of great longevity, but who are not necessarily obsessive 3F Club members.
    The details concerning the key parameters of fitness, diet, sleep, social support, medical care, of those lucky few might be a bit different from those of super-athlete Peter Attia, — probably more easy-going and sustainable for the rest of us, like in the cases explored in the NY Times articles on "How To Live Till 100."
    For instance, for us New Yorkers, it would have been easy to examine the last decade of famous architect I.M. Pei, who died at 103; or towering banking figure David Rockefeller who died at 101; or top researcher on hypertension Dr. William Muir Manger, still going on at 101. With a wider net, the examination of lifestyle habits might have included Queen Elizabeth, who will be 96 next month, and still remarkably active. And in the same vein, her husband Prince Philip who nearly made it to 100. Those, and a few more who have joined the exclusive club of the Very Long Living may have done so with routines less arduous than Attia’s. And their examples might be even more convincing, to us as they have, unlike Attia, effectively lived through the experience of their last decade.
    A look into those success stories would have most likely confirmed the solid recommendations Attia has derived from his exploration of the “science of longevity”, but also validated the efficacy of more friendly and palatable routines. While emphasizing the overriding infuence of genes and the role of luck for anybody who aspires to get to that elusive El Dorado of extreme longevity — the 90s and beyond the great milestone of 100.

  2. Between high gas prices and a lot of thinking about my future, and now this interview. I’ve decided to walk to work for the foreseeable future until the fall puts snow in my way. Cannot wait to really apply these health lessons in my life.

  3. как организм, васпренимает, любые, яды, в том числе, алкаголь, как переноситься, эмацианальная, если что то балит, то сделай, больно в другом, месте, двух пративаречюших фраз, и мозг не знает на что, операться, или сделать, эльтернативный вареант, а джардано бруно, хоть и сажгли, а каперник, всётаки, стал при церкве, и выделение, болевого шока, и оценке дальнейших действий, и отключки мозга, как зашитный вареант перегруза, к тому же чего рыгают, избавиться по возможности от не нужных таксинов, и какое влияние, даёт ладен на организм, и вродебы, как серебро вытягивает, грязь из аады, и в уксусе вываривать, чтоб очистить, не проверял, канцетрация, и расееное внемание, пастороние, звуки,

  4. wow not has smart now, Im 63 don't agree , at least not for me. But,I continue to learn everyday. Study and learning plus sleep, exercise and eating right makes the difference.

  5. The Continuous Glucose Monitor is very expensive; especially if your doctor doesn’t prescribe it and therefore your insurance won’t cover it. Even then If your not on Insulin your insurance won’t cover it even if you have diabetes. Hopefully that will change. However you can get a glucose monitor at any pharmacy but it involves sticking yourself with a needle in order to check your blood. Not that bad though.

  6. Hi Meghan…my mom passed away in 2019 at age 106 (Same age as Lucille Ball) but THIS red head didn't smoke but liked her beer! Was vegetarian and never had an office visit in her life. I promote exercise, aqualine water, veggies/fruit, no alcohol/tobacco, stay positive, and walk in the laws of God! 🙏🕎😇

  7. When someone talks about the truth of evolution I then take everything they say with a grain of salt. Billions of years? Really…You have quite the imagination or you never found Truth.

  8. I agree there isn't any intervention that delays death as much as exercise. America has an obesity problem no one in government or in a position of power wants to admit. We also have a drug problem in America, but that's another topic for another time. People need to get off their butts and exercise for the physical and mental benefits. I agree it's how well you can live rather than how long you live.

  9. 80% of one's health is attributable to one's lifestyle choices, per Dr. Abramson on Joe Rogan's podcast. Stay off the drugs, even prescription drugs, and alcohol. Make exercise a priority.

  10. This has to be the best podcast you have done thus far (at least what I have been able to consume). I am 55 years of age and I tell my family and friends that this is when my life really begins. I want to live to be 110 because my elementary school buried a time capsule back in 1976 that will be reopened in 2076 and I want to be there to see it opened. I feel as if what Dr Attia told us in this podcast is there are things I can do NOW to help quality of life and length of life, so my hopes have just gone higher 🙂 Also, I have read that lipid drugs for cholesterol have been found to help to prevent Alzheimer's because of the plaque issue. I am currently on a lipid drug for my cholesterol, my grandma died from Alzheimer's, so in this instance I feel that drugs aren't always "bad" and perhaps a blessing in disguise. Thank you, Megyn, for this wonderful episode!

  11. I'm so glad to find this interview. Dr Attia is fascinating and so informative. Megyn asks the questions I want to ask but don't want to sound stupid. It was so nice listening to this instead of seeing yet another post about Will Smith slapping Jamie Fox!!

  12. Oh my gosh…. at least 4 times a week I can do, at least 20 minutes at the time I can do… but at least 180 degrees to sit in the sauna… YIKES. Looks like I need to up my sauna usage.

  13. Megyn, you are world-class in an ever decreasing civil society. Therefore, with great respect, consider the inappropriate words you use, please abstain – not just during Lent.

  14. There is nothing magical about IF, TRF, etc. At the end of the day, you are just eating LESS. The downstream effect is you won't get fat or you will lose fat mass. Goals determine strategies. Individuals that are training for a sport, would be foolish to restrict kcal (unless it is specific to the sport such as boxing in which athletes have to make weight). Caloric restriction may result in the loss of lean body mass (which isn't good of course).

  15. Megyn, I had heard of you a few years ago i pretty much hate politics. I watched your piece about your son. I actually looked at you and realized , from an artist point of view, you are strikingly beautiful. I have done some sculpting in my time and all your features, your nose, eyes, teeth facial structure, hair , perfection. I am captivated and humbly wish you the very best in life.

  16. I have been a big Peter Attia fan for a few years now. He has one of the best but least known podcast out there. Peter and Lex Friedman are both fantastic. Both are brilliant. And I learned about both of them on Joe Rogan.

  17. With all due respect, humans and all
    other life on this planet evolve and continue to exist BECAUSE of the sun. Cancer, all types, exploded in the 70s with the in the 70s with the introduction of seed oils, and sunscreen. Common sense can sometimes be more valuable then any medical degree. 🤦🏼‍♀️. If the sun caused cancer (which now 50% of Americans will get) the human race and all other life would have ceased to exist a long time ago. Human beings are sick because we have cut off our connection to nature, including the sun.

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