Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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The Degeneration of the Genome and How Genetics Points to Adam and Eve – John Sanford

There are now strong evidences that support a literal Adam and Eve and refute human evolution. Genetic evidences for a literal Adam and Eve include: 1) discovery of Eve’s mitochondrial sequence; 2) discovery of Adam’s Y-Chromosome sequence; and 3) evidence of rapid human genetic degeneration since the Fall (genetic entropy). We have also falsified the negative claims made by others that Adam and Eve could never give rise to so much human diversity, and could never give rise to current allele frequencies. Evidences against human evolution include: 1) new fossil evidence; 2) new evidence against “junk DNA”; 3) evidence negating strings of beneficial mutations; and 4) evidence that all genomes must degenerate (genetic entropy).

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John Sanford conducted genetic research as a Cornell University professor for over 30 years. This research has resulted in more than 100 scientific publications and several dozen patents. In addition to producing numerous new crop varieties, John’s research resulted in new genetic engineering technologies. A large fraction of the transgenic crops grown in the world today involved use of the biolistic “gene gun” process, of which John was the primary inventor. John also started and sold two successful biotechnology companies. Since the year 2000, John has engaged in science-based Christian apologetics, defending the truth of Scripture. He has published numerous scientific papers and books in the area of biblical genetics. Websites:



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