Friday, June 9, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Understanding Disease Mechanisms: The Role of the 3D Genome in Genetic Disorders

The three-dimensional conformation of DNA in a cell has broad impacts on human health and disease — including in neurodevelopmental disorders caused by chromosomal abnormalities. Down syndrome caused by trisomy 21 is known to induce genome-wide transcriptional disruption. However, the consequences on the nuclear architecture and its interplay with the transcriptome have only recently been elucidated.

1. Alterations to 3D genome conformation can affect transcriptional regulation in a wide range of disease states
2. Trisomy 21 disrupts nuclear architecture and transcriptome of neural progenitors which display signatures of cellular senescence
3. Senolytic therapeutics can ameliorate trisomy-21-associated molecular and cellular dysfunctions


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