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Why We Gain Weight & How to TURN YOUR BODY INTO A FAT BURNING MACHINE! | Dr Richard Johnson

Dr Richard Johnson reveals the latest research on why we gain weight, and what we can do about it. Dr. Johnson shares the link between fructose and uric acid, the benefits of a low carb keto diet for losing weight, and more.

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[00:00] About Dr. Johnson and The Inspiration Behind His Research
Dr. Johnson started studying high blood pressure because it’s such a problem in our country.
High blood pressure has something to do with the kidneys and salt.
A substance called uric acid seems to be important in what causes high blood pressure.
As he studied uric acid, he started to realize it was more than just high blood pressure and gout.
Uric acid is actually involved in obesity, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes.
Eventually, he found that fructose led to an increase in uric acid. Is fructose bad for you, find out here.

[04:20] What Is The Connection Between High Uric Acid and Inflammation?
Our body is made up of protein, carbohydrates, fat, bone, etc.
Uric acid is considered a waste product.
When we eat meats, drink beer, and eat sugar, these foods can generate uric acid.
Uric acid is what is excreted from the body.
If uric acid is built up, it can lead to inflammation and gout.
9 million people in the United States suffer from gout.
A lot of people have low-grade inflammation in their blood. This inflammation can accelerate diseases like atherosclerosis and heart disease.

[09:10] Why Is Your Body Producing Excess Uric Acid?
If your uric acid is very high, it increases your risk for mortality.
Plus, uric acid is being linked to cancer.
Uric acid is involved in the process to make fat.
When you eat enough fructose, it triggers uric acid.
The body switches from making a lot of ATP to storing the energy in fat.
Uric acid is actually important in survival.
Humans are very sensitive to fructose. Fructose is in table sugar and high fructose table sugar.

[24:20] Why The Keto Lifestyle Is So Powerful
Our bodies can make fructose. Potatoes and rice do not contain fructose, but they contain what we call high glycemic carbs, it triggers this response in your body to make fructose.
The keto diet is powerful because it blocks these two major food groups: fructose and high glycemic carbs.

[29:30] The Benefits You Get From Exercise
When you exercise, you do things that help the mitochondria regenerate.
If the mitochondria regenerate, they can go back to normal.
When the function of the mitochondria improves, your energy improves.
You can diet all you want, but if your mitochondria are bad, you will also go back to your original weight.

[38:55] One of the Many Benefits of A Ketogenic Lifestyle
When you eat sugar, you have to absorb the sugar.
The ability to absorb sugar varies from person to person.
If you’re eating sugar every day, you’re going to absorb the sugar very fast.
When you put an animal on a high sugar diet, it will learn how to absorb it fast and absorb it very efficiently.
If you don’t eat sugar, those transport systems to transport the sugar into the body get turned off.

[43:35] The Importance of Oxygen For Creating Energy
When you make ATP in the mitochondria, you use oxygen.
One of the main reasons we need oxygen is for our mitochondria to make the energy we need.
Insulin resistance reduces the amount of glucose that gets into our muscles, liver, and fat.
Much of the brain does not require insulin to move glucose in.

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