Sunday, February 5, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Keto For Cancer, Brain Injury | Dominic D'Agostino

Dominic D’Agostino, Ph.D., has maintained involvement in a vast array of professional, academic, and personal endeavors. As an Associate Professor with tenure at the University of South Florida, Dom teaches students of the Morsani College of Medicine and the Department of Molecular Pharmacology and Physiology, with a focus on such topics as neuropharmacology, medical biochemistry, physiology, neuroscience, and neuropharmacology. He is also a Research Scientist at the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition (IHMC) to assist with their efforts towards optimizing the safety, health, and resilience of the warfighter and astronaut. The main focus of his lab over the last 10 years has been understanding the anticonvulsant and neuroprotective mechanism of the ketogenic diet and ketone metabolite supplementation.

This episode is hosted by Dr. Shawn Baker MD. Find him at

00:00 Research and ongoing clinical trial
04:53 How many cows does Dominic have?
09:19 Inflammation, neuro-inflammation
12:48 Chronic ketosis
17:13 Ketone disposal
20:17 Low blood glucose in context of ketogenic diet
23:09 Brain consumer of ketones
24:57 Metabolic flexibility
28:31 Facilitating ketosis in metabolically resistant people
31:01 Gluconeogenesis
34:15 Is there a deleterious effect to relying on carbs ingested?
35:35 Hypoketotic and hypoglycemic
38:05 The dose makes the poison
40:19 Circadian timing of meals
43:43 Traumatic brain injury
47:23 Cancer and ketogenic diets
52:21 Gut permeability
55:19 Calorie restricted diets vs ketogenic diets
57:30 Higher protein diets in the context of cancer or aging
59:25 Longevity vs function
61:40 Experiments on lab rats

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16 thoughts on “Keto For Cancer, Brain Injury | Dominic D'Agostino
  1. Bring it on! Get all TBI folks to listen! Many TBI patients suffer horribly from the medications that Allopathic Doctors and Psychiatrists put them on. I have seen it. My wife refused the medication that made her suicidal. She switched to juicing vegetables, carrots and other produce. No drugs when I met her. 19 yrs after the brain injury in 2000. Now she is eating plenty of meats. Teeth were destroyed from nutritionless diet. Turns 60 soon and rebuilding! Thank you Shawn!

  2. My husband has had many concussions & if I don’t make it to the live broadcast, I’ll be back here to watch this for sure. Wondering if TBI can lead to slow bleed strokes.

  3. I have Schwannomas at L3 and L5 peripheral nerve roots… wondering if inflammation caused this and if keto will help 🤔

  4. Thanks for the content. I’ve been using carnivore / keto during my brain radiation treatment and it’s been going well. I do use greens as the “vehicle” for adding more fat into the meal, the carb content is negligible . For example, kale and cabbage is basically a mechanism to sop up all the left over good stuff from the meat—I.e. absorbing the left over fat. I suspect that’s what our ancestors so all that good stuff didn’t go to waste.

  5. Amazing, 3;34 min into video, "We have participants who are not diabetic" well bugger me, In Australia abbot libre will not sell you a continuous glucose sensor or monitor, or sensors, unless you have T2 diabetes, you have fill out web form to purchase the sensors. Nor will any other company. the sensors on the web site are $99 AUD about 50 USA dollars. It seems in this country we can not take health or monitor our health without Government say so. The T1 diabetics do receive the sensors free. Paid for by Diabetes Association Australia, who get a lot of funding from Nestle, Coke, Kellogs. and other processed food manufactures. So its prick your finger, a sensor would be very good for better data.

  6. Great information this will help me a lot as I fall flat at my workouts. I rarely eat more than 5 grams of carb. I do crave fruit off and on but eat little to none. I am going to add some back berries seasonal. This was a great interview! I have a great anecdote myself but to tell my story in this setting is not practical. I will say I was an out of control type 2 diabetic and I have done a complete reversal. It has been a journey and humble it has made me. So grateful for folks like yourself Shawn getting the message out, we do not have to be sick.

  7. Oh fun seeing someone from Plant city. Since I moved down here I am also in Polk county. Perhaps this gentleman can help direct me to find well raised beef and lamb here. I really miss how hooked up I was previously with regenerative farmers!

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