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The Hindu Newspaper Analysis | 27th March 2022 | Current Affairs | UPSC CSE | Saurabh Pandey

In this Session, Saurabh Pandey will be discussing The Hindu Newspaper Analysis and current affairs for UPSC CSE Exams.

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About the Educator: Saurabh Pandey is the Founder of GesReporter.com, appeared in UPSC interview and 3 times IAS MAINS qualified, Qualified NET and JRF.

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Topics Covered:
Reorienting relation with Russia
Sealed justice
Solomon island and china

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Current affairs revision for Prelims 2022: https://unacademy.com/a/Current-affairs-revision-course.html

26th March 2022: The Hindu Newspaper Analysis in Hindi (UPSC/IAS). The Hindu Daily Current Affairs and Newspaper Analysis covers important articles and editorials in the required depth mainly for UPSC/IAS Exams Preparation and General Studies for all competitive examinations. In this video lecture, Saurabh Pandey brings you the Hindu News Analysis. The aspirants are advised to watch the entire video lecture for better understanding.

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    4.Tobacco , 12 crores tobacco using people found in India , 7 crore died from tobacco consumption and 8 crores are smokers
    5.Permafrost effecting due to global rise in annual mean temp. In arctic region which will thawing the permafrost and effect the infrastructure of buildings in Russia…

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