Friday, June 9, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

92. Detox Journeys with Aimee Carlson & Naomi Damask

Toxins are one of the leading contributors to disease and they’re literally all around us. Naomi Damask and Aimee Carlson explain what’s changed in the last few decades to bring toxins to the forefront of our disease conversations. They talk about how to test for toxin exposure and share why we all need to be better about taking ownership of our health and reducing our toxic load.

In This Episode
Why toxins are a leading contributor to disease [11:00]
Some of the signs and symptoms of toxic overload [15:45]
What toxins to remove from your life [18:30]
What changes to make for a toxin-free kitchen [21:00]
The tests you need to certify toxicity [25:00]
What you need to know about your dental health [31:00]
How to use optimally your body’s natural Detox Funnel to remove toxins [38:00]
How to use dry brushing to improve your lymphatic system [44:00]
How to breathe deeply to remove toxins [49:00]
What food and supplements to use to help decrease your toxic load [53:00]

Four Toxins to Remove from Your Life
1. Mold
2. Heavy Metals
3. Hidden Infections
4. General Toxicity (Environmental Toxins, Personal Care Products, EMFs, Cookware, Etc)

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