Friday, June 9, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

How Losing Weight Reverses Aging

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Weight gain makes aging worse… much worse. So, does losing weight help to improve aging? Let’s find out…

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Timestamps ⏱

0:00 – Intro
0:46 – Visit to get up to $200 off your Helix mattress, plus two free pillows
2:03 – Sirtuins
3:59 – NAMPT
5:15 – Obesity & NAMPT (longevity)


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50 thoughts on “How Losing Weight Reverses Aging
  1. Thomas. Craig UK. Got your point. Even recognize most of everything that you said. Getting familiar with longevity is my favourite behold. Give yourself a hug Thomas. Happy April Fools Day.

  2. I've got the Gracie Family on the brain. You know them. They invented Gracie Jiu Jitsu, aka Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. They have their own diet, the Gracie Diet. And one of the things they eat like it's going out of style is acai. They constantly drink watermelon juice and coconut juice. Lots of fruits and veggies. Like, LOTS. And they all seem to do a lot of jiu jitsu. Even the old guys look young. Look up Rorion Gracie. He wrote the Gracie Diet book. He's 70 and looks like he's in his 50s.

    So now, to my question. Given their heavy exercise load, and diet loaded with antioxidants, do you think this is one of the reasons they are able to maintain a youthful look?

    You can look up Heilo Gracie, one of the originators of the BJJ and he was rolling in his 90s. I have to believe their diet had a lot to do with it.

    There's a whole thing they do with separating what foods you can eat with other foods that has no merit in nutrition science but since the aim is for ease of digestion, and I don't think that has specifically been tested, it's hard to know how important that portion of their diet is, however I do smell a YouTube video here if you ever want to make it. Though I would hope it would be more than, "it's not backed by science". Hell, Rorion would love to talk about it, I'm sure. It's his thing now. His son, Rener, btw, is who you see in all of the Gracie videos.

  3. I watch this video on YouTube called Old man is so strong 58 years old. I was shocked just how old he looked for only being 58. He looked 80. It got me thinking how heavy workouts and eating lots of muscle building protein actually ages you. The heavy protein activates the Mtor pathway. When you are over 40 you really don't want to grow the body anymore. You want to maintain for the long haul. For longevity. This guy in the video was so wrinkled and old. But sure he was strong but that is the trade off that we need to choose. Big and strong but shorter life, or less protein, smaller muscles and a longer healthier life.

  4. I trust you Thomas and love that you provide the science, but given my limited time – i sometimes wish you had a "summary". LOL – something like Lex Friedman's Lex Clips.

  5. I am near 30 and still look like a teen (people that don't know me and see me still think i am not even an adult), my secret, genetics, my mother is over 50 and i know some people younger than me that look older than her

  6. Thomas explains scientific jargons in a clear, descriptive and effective way that my mind creates visualization on how it works while watching his videos.

    Mind blown.

  7. I use a soft chamber Hyperbaric with oxygen to reduce inflammation and oxidation. Also Normatech . I have VEDS pots and secondary adrenal insufficiency. No running as it drains my cortisol but I walked a 5 k with heart and l kidney failure . Also use nad patches too

  8. Totally so in my case. I want from older looking and 50 lbs over weight to a whole lot younger looking, thin and fit from taking some of the advise from this channel and similar wellness channels.

  9. Bottom line is if you lose weight before the age of 35 your skin has more Collagen and your skin can shrink but after 35 you are out of luck. I lost 85lb at age 40 and I do look a bit older but around the holidays when I gain 10lb the wrinkles kind of disappear but I’m 💯 more healthier now than I was when fat

  10. Thomas one of your more opaque vids. Overdosed on the tsunami of acronyms. Please, the science is important, but excessive references are mind-numbing! We seek practical advice from you; 10% science and 90% practical advice PLEASE. Thank you.

  11. 🤔. . . . once again, here is a much needed Executive Summary: Skip to the end ( 8:21 ) – YES, LOSING WEIGHT CAN HELP YOU LOOK YOUNGER.

    Or…. go ahead and watch Mr DeLauer’s 8 1/2 minute vid and try to sort out how the SIRT1, 3 & 7 signaling pathways are dependent on NAD’s which otherwise will suppress total Sirtuin deacetylase activity, except for the impact of NAMPT leading to NAFLD’s under oxidative stress, which then lead to those dreaded PARP’s, plus SAT mNRA’s bringing on a labyrinth & cascading flow of PGC1-ALPHA’s. All this results in you falling into the category of being a FOX 01, or possibly even a FOX 03. 👀

    The first 8 minutes of this video are clear as mud.

  12. Very interesting. I've always looked relatively younger than my years. That is genetic. But by the time I reached my mid 40's I felt my age. I may not have had wrinkles and a good head of hair but that was just on the outside. I changed my diet. First gluten was removed. Then eventually sugar was lowered. Then meat although I still eat fish. And then dairy. This was over a 7 or 8 year period. I noticed changes after each diet change. My most recent change was going a good time, although not the 16 hrs recommended, between last meal at night and my breakfast. I have some nuts before bed and a coffee for breakfast. I will have a protein drink with berries around midday. Maybe coffee around mid afternoon with two boiled eggs and another protein drink around 5 before having a meal with fish and grains and a veg about 7. Been doing this for about 2 months now. But I see a big difference in my skin. It looks far younger. I was at a party last week and met people I hadn't seen in 20 years and they were like "you haven't changed". Physically I feel great. Full of energy. It might not keep me alive to a 100 doing this but it will hopefully ensure that when I eventually retire, I can enjoy my old age better. This video just gives me clarity to why diet is so important.

  13. Wow, skip to 7:12 and save yourself a lot of time. You’re fit, but look old? Oxidative stress is wearing you out because you work out too much. Take a break. There, done. You’re welcomed.

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