Saturday, December 2, 2023
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Why Are You Not Feeling Better With Thyroid Medicine?

Ever felt that your Thyroid Medicines are not actually doing their job? Even after taking the thyroid medications, sometimes your thyroid symptoms may not be improving.
The problem may not be actually in the medicine but in the underlying cause of your thyroid problems.
In this video, Dr. Anshul Gupta MD talks about what are the various underlying causes of Thyroid that your medications may not take care of and how to tackle it.

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8 thoughts on “Why Are You Not Feeling Better With Thyroid Medicine?
  1. Simple and great. You are God doctor to people like us. Frequently you feed useful information in simple terms and this helps us a lot in fine tuning our problems. Great doctor. Hats off to you.

  2. Thanks for all you giving us always.but please answer that I am taking levthyrotin and flow all the dait you mentioned it so can I stop my medication? because always my doctor say you need to take it hole my life.

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