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Results/Problems With NMN Human Trial

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I created this video in response to a recent posting by Dr. Brad Stanfiel about NMN human trial results in Japan. This channel focuses on scientific advances spearheaded by Dr. David Sinclair at Harvard and others leading the world in anti-aging research. Subscribe and join me on this journey.

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________contents of video___________________
00:00 – Intro
00:47 – About The NMN Human Clinical Trial
02:07 – Dr. Brad Stanfield’s Video Review
02:39 – The Trial Introduction
03:15 – Trial Dosage Only 250mg
05:15 – No Robust Physical Testing
07:40 – Positive News Of The Trial
08:34 – Brad Stanfield’s Complaint With This Trial
10:44 – Chronic Fatigue Relation To Sleep Disturbance
11:23 – Sleep Disorders And Treatments
13:24 – How To Increase NAD+ Levels
14:44 – Summary Of This Human Trial

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21 thoughts on “Results/Problems With NMN Human Trial
  1. I hope they're wrong.. But I'm still waiting to Feel the Benefits.. how long does it take for a woman at 60 who intermittent fasts with no health issues? I purchased the NMN and used your code thank you.. but 2 weeks in and still fatigued. Just increased from 500mg to 1G..🤞

  2. 1) Am I correct that you stated that you had a testing lab verify the purity of DONOTAGE’s NMN powder? 2) Did you ever test Renue By Science’s NMN powder? Thank you for your videos!

  3. The analyser who analyses the analyser who analyses the Sinclair. We need more of it actually. A full convo. Big fan of Brad, David …and this channel is getting there.

  4. NMN is one of the few supplements that has made a significant difference especially in my exercise capabilities and improved sleep patterns. It is important when during the day, taken with some fat and TMG. After I had been taking it for several weeks I woke up to the fact that my morning jog was relatively easy and not a crushing struggle.
    A note supplement studies: reading them in detail it’s often looks like they have been designed to fail. Typical signs include crazy low doses, short duration, under powered, odd study group categories and end points.
    A note on Dr Brad: I stopped following his posts because I lost trust in his analysis of the studies he reviewed, he either only read the abstracts and discussions, or looked at results section without understanding what it was telling him.

  5. Big picture…these trials are very weak because of lack of funding. Big pharma, is not interested unless they can patent the drug and test it themselves 😜 and charge 1000 times it’s production cost. Substances already present in the body or in nature are not money makers for them. In fact they’ll dispute favorable natural results.

  6. Dr Brad’s a non-qualified grifter. He’s ONLY interested in monetization through youtube & private label products. Glad you’re willing to watch him because my time is too valuable to waste…

  7. I’ve been taking 1g of Nmn and 1g of Resveratrol for 9 months. I feel that my energy levels have increased and I am becoming leaner without having to make changes to my exercise regime or diet.

  8. I just can't get on with Dr Brads opinions I'm afraid. Those who are old enough to take it, and do take it, can give you a better idea of NMN's effectiveness, that;s why I like listening to proffessional opinions from users. And you're absolutely right, those who take it are all part of the experiment.

  9. I enjoy Dr Brad and how he goes in depth and dares to ask Sinclair questions. Since I crossed into the land of over 50, I debated what to take. For the past few months, based on the available data, I’ve opted for Niagen NR. I thought about NMN but the data isn’t quite as persuasive to me. Yet!

  10. All valid points about the study. I read it and had the same take away. It was far from a comprehensive look at NMN, just weak positive results and I doubts about the time of day effects.

  11. The best data that we have is from the gold standard, the ITP program, shows that NR has failed to extend the lifespan of mice. The program uses hundreds of mice for each study, they carry out parallel studies at multiple sites, and importantly – they use genetically heterozygous mice. NR has failed to extend lifespan in both female and male mice (see "17-a-estradiol late in life extends lifespan in aging UM-HET3 male mice; nicotinamide riboside and three other drugs do not affect lifespan in either sex"). Our best contender to extend lifespan in humans is still Rapamycin which consistently extends the lifespan of mice.

  12. We are a pill taking society. We want a supplement that fixes everything while we look at our phones. Meditation practice can help with all kinds of issues including sleep. It takes work to stay healthy and including exercise, healthy diet, meditation, and some supplementation. Don't expect pills to solve all of your health issues.

  13. Thats what I thought when I heard the study. Lots of people are taking 500mgs to 1 g of NMN per day so the study is like testing the effect of caffeine on sleep and only testing it with a half or quarter cup of coffee.
    Anyway great video!

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