Tuesday, November 28, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Endurance Running – Physiology Seminar.

Did you know Prof Bart W T Kay was an exercise physiologist first? In this seminar, he systematically dismembers a ridiculous and fallacious video made by some bloke about how to train for endurance running… Turns out the bloke gets it all wrong… whod’ve thunk it. LOL. Enjoy.

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30 thoughts on “Endurance Running – Physiology Seminar.
  1. Wow Bart! What a great video, with referenced scientific literature underpinning each point you make – each time you correct the commentator. Really enjoyed this one…P.S. sorry for the interruption at 1:08! ?

  2. This may sound like a silly question, however, I was wondering how the muscle cells are able to use energy from both glycogen and fats (the ration of glycogen to fat depends on the intensity of the exercise). I understand that glucose gets converted to glycogen. However, doesn't the Randle cycle suggest that energy can be used by either fat or glucose and one blocks the other?

  3. Thank you Bart, more exercise science please. I know diet is a big part of your work but I can assure you some of us really enjoy the exercise science just as much.

  4. Wow, I've been running Maffetone training for a long time. Totally deflated now… πŸ™ I'm going back to high intensity intervals for my 5K training. I gotta say that jogging is so much more fun! Apparently useless though.

  5. As a sports science nerd highlight of my month ( apart from my mothering law getting electric shock trying to change over a bulb in the garage that was actually an excuse to nose around some boxes I has delivered from UPS ) . Thanks professor Bart ! And it's awesome to see the subs growing and you at last getting the interest you deserve ??? although Frank says you nicked all the ideas from him ???

  6. If I could go back in time with all of the knowledge you have garnished me over the last 12 mths my rugby career would have been vastly improved ! As a scientist do you think time travel is on the horizon in the next 20 years?

  7. I know that two of the long distance runners I met in my life has heart problems. One of them is not able to do more than walk in normal pace today. He was also a running coach.. was…

  8. I have ADHD/ASD and low-intensity distance running helps me a great deal with the hyperactivity side of things and with my mental health as a whole. And that's the sole reason I do it. It makes me calmer and more balanced/in control. If its bad for my overall longevity and cardiovascular health then I guess that's just the trade-off I have to take because without LISS type exercise my quality and enjoyment of life decreases dramatically.

  9. I'm a little thick. If I want to run a half marathon, should I run for 21 km once a week at max rate and then do intervals with higher intensity twice a week?

  10. Great video πŸ˜€ Would be very Interesting to see how you would train someone for a long event. Preparing for an ultra with mostly short runs 3-4 times per week would be hard wouldn't It? Would you be able to prepare the muscles enough with that low volume?

  11. Great! Love that you have exercise videos, not just content on nutrition πŸ™‚
    Tested some Maffetone running a couple years ago, but after reading about training, I now only do sprints 1-2 times a week, and some intense strength training 2-3 times a week.

  12. hello professor Kay. my target is for overall cardiovascular health. should i stick with a HIIT training(~25') / week or should i do SIT runs at max VO2max for once a week? many thanks!

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