Monday, December 4, 2023
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#47 – Surprising symptoms & diseases tied to insulin resistance & metabolism (Dr. Ben Bikman)

Many diseases traditionally associated with aging have a metabolic root cause, including seemingly-unrelated conditions like tinnitus and gallbladder stones. But with a metabolic origin (specifically with insulin resistance), there can be a metabolic solution. Blood glucose levels and insulin are tied to many more chronic diseases than just Type 2 Diabetes.

Ben Bikman, PhD, the doctor at the forefront of research and thought leadership on insulin resistance, digs deep in this video with Levels’ Chief Medical Officer and co-founder Dr. Casey Means to uncover the connection between metabolic health and surprising disorders that surface as a result of insulin resistance.

(8:49) – Declining health is not inevitable
(10:15) – The link between insulin resistance and tinnitus
(13:39) – We look at health through the lens of disease
(22:53) – Insulin resistance and the gallbladder
(28:32) – The appearance of fatty liver disease
(31:34) – Ways to clear the liver of fat
(35:00) – How fat tissue develops
(36:51) – How fat cells become insulin resistant
(46:21) – The power of a CGM
(48:36) – What is a healthy glucose level?

How hearing loss relates to metabolic health | Blog post:

Why too many focus on glucose, but not insulin | Blog post:

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5 thoughts on “#47 – Surprising symptoms & diseases tied to insulin resistance & metabolism (Dr. Ben Bikman)
  1. Dr Bikman's theory of IR caused by overfed state of adipose cells has changed my understanding of this dramatically.
    As you say, he is one of the top thought leaders in the field.

  2. Excellent discussion, deep and to the point. Although preaching to the choir here, this is just incredibly educating and eye opening.

  3. So the guest is a leading expert in the science and starts off telling us that the theories of IR causing tinitis and hearing loss are speculative – real science in speculation – I can speculate.

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