Tuesday, November 28, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

What is IHHT Therapy? Cell training simply explained!

Interval hypoxia-hyperoxia training (IHHT) originated in aerospace and is a highly effective training for energy metabolism at the cellular level. The key element of mitochondria energy production is oxygen. Therefore, oxygen is of central importance in IHHT. The devices supply the organism with controlled breathing air with fluctuating oxygen content (varying oxygen pressure). A phase of oxygen deficiency (hypoxia) is followed by a phase of oxygen excess (hyperoxia). Each cell reacts to this and tries to balance these two different stimulus phases. This is the core process of this cell training, which finally brings a similar effect as altitude training.

You can find IHHT therapy at Wisemed Centers:
⭐️ https://www.wisemed.ch/ihht
⭐️ https://www.wisemed.ch/
⭐️ https://www.integrative-medicine.info

IHHT offers the following benefits specifically:

– Strengthening of the immune system
– Improvement of the oxygen supply of the cells
– Improvement of the energy production of the cells (activation of the energy metabolism)
– Higher fat burning / support for weight loss
– Better blood circulation of the organs
– Balancing of the vegetative nervous system (VNS)
– Increased performance and concentration
– Increased performance of the cardiovascular system (heart, vessels)
– Improvement of sleep quality and stress resistance
– Shortens the regeneration time
– Ensures balanced hormone production
– Supports formation of new blood vessel capillaries
– Gives weakened organs a chance to recover

More information on vital substance medicine at:
⭐️ https://integrative-medicine.info

0:00 Mitochondria
0:16 IHHT 50 years of research and medicine Nobel Prize.
0:50 Damaged mitochondria need to be removed.
1:05 Function of IHHT interval hypoxia-hyperoxia training.
1:26 IHHT for fatigue, exhaustion, burnout, long covid
1:50 IHHT for cardiovascular problems
2:07 IHHT and lung diseases


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