Wednesday, November 29, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Why hydration actually has very little to do with how much water you drink with Tracy Duhs PHD

Why are so many people dehydrated on a keto carnivore or low carb diet? Do we really need to constantly chase electrolytes to stay hydrated? What is the correct ratio of electrolytes on a low carb diet? How do we get hydrated on a low carb or carnivore diet?

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0:00 Beginning
4:29 How Tracy became a hydration expert
9:10 Tracy’s severe dehydration story
11:15 How a mineral imbalance created a health emergency
13:12 Quinton minerals and hydration
16:05 What we have been taught about water that is wrong
17:48 How to know that you have a mineral imbalance & vital hydration tweaks
20:20 Reverse Osmosis benefits and downside & what to add to it
22:27 Structured water & how nature intends us to drink water
24:33 How Quinton has been used as a plasma replacement
26:15 Difference between hypertonic and isotonic Quinton
28:25 How mineral imbalance contributes to mental health issues
29:24 Pregnancy and mineral imbalance
31:00 Why we don’t want to take minerals like zinc alone
33:26 Low carb diets – mineral imbalance & why we don’t want to drink a gallon of water per day
34:15 Spring water vs filtered water
36:45 Annelemma wand & structured water
40:53 Gerald Pollack and the 4th phase of water, how we dehydrate ourselves
43:00 Why we need to make sure the water inside our bodies is charged
45:00 How we lose voltage in our bodies & the 9 pillars of health
46:00 The importance of movement
47:30 The importance of community
52:00 How understanding our body’s energy system keeps us motivated and healthy
54:00 Where to find Tracy
This video is not medical advice & as a supporter to you and your health journey – I encourage you to monitor your labs and work with a professional!

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33 thoughts on “Why hydration actually has very little to do with how much water you drink with Tracy Duhs PHD
  1. redmonds real salt and re-lyte, LMNT on days I work in a HOT food trailer here in Tx. also Keto Chow shakes and electrolytes. was having night leg cramps at the start of the hot weather. better now, I drink electrolytes everyday

  2. Been low carb high fat going on six yrs what's crazy is if I cheat and eat high carb I'll have leg cramps. Thought it was supposed to be the other way around.Anyway I have to get my electrolytes in daily especially if I cheat on high carb.

  3. Thanks for the great topic. Of long-term interest to me. In the 1970s Elaine Morgan offered a theory that we were not monkeys dropping out of trees as much as sea mammals emerging from the ocean ( like dugong and also, surprisingly elephants, which cry salt tears and were fat like dugong before they became land-based and skinny inside a baggy skin). So it's not at all surprising that plasma and amniotic fluid match sea water. Explains why we are low in magnesium in particular. But the rest as well. (Minus the plastic☹️).

  4. I'm having crazy heart palpitations at night ever since starting keto. I'm guessing this is from electrolytes/hydrations? It's weird because I eat lots of high-quality food and salt it.

  5. Not sure this sounds quite right. Far as I know isotonic saline is 9 parts per thousand and seawater is 35 parts per thousand. And drinking sea water straight out of the ocean, if you're say stranded on a deserted island or something, can kill you . . .

  6. so i just drink 2-3 liters a day of filtered water from a zerowater filter with salt added to it – a generous amount, and i eat a ton of butter and take potassium and magnesium every day
    i eat avocados a lot too

  7. Question re: remineralizing RO/filtered water, sounds like you guys aren't fond of trace minerals lol (I've been using concentrace for years but I just don't feel right and getting big palpitations now that I'm ketovore). I live in an area with very limited options for water, I did just order Quinton Isotonic (healing severe chronic fatigue), would you take those straight up like a shot or add it to a liter of drinking water for the day? i can't afford $$ to take lots of those vials every day but also my life is kind of on the line here so I'm trying to find a happy medium…

  8. Hi! Tracy mentioned the importance of using the glass vials for Quinton – do you know why? Because I also buy the glass bottle instead of the vials

  9. Would taking just quintons be enough to balance out minerals? Or would I still want to take a HMT and find take specific minerals I’m deficient in? Got confused since Tracy made a comment about how that’s not a good idea

  10. There are so many infos but I feel like there are some key terms you need to know in order to understand. For example, when you asked what people can do and your guest starts talking about reverse osmosis and then she starts to talk about a vortex and … what??? I am lost 🙁

  11. I would love to learn more about the difference between drinking out of plastic vs glass? And you mentioned something about you put your glass water bottles directly in the sun light…. what is this all about?

  12. Ms. Sarah, what water ( home installed, filter or Reverse Osmosis, name brands ) do you use daily ? Do you use any bottled water ? How do you use your Quinton Minerals daily and Which Quinton Minerals do you purchase ? Thank U ??

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