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Essential Wellness : Upgrade your cell wisdom with Asea Redox Signalling Molecules

What are Redox Signalling Molecules (RSM) and why are they so crucial for our health?

Learn more from cellular health coach Anna Harpley on the science of your cell function and the molecules which enable effective communication between cells to detect abnormalities and signal repair, or to inspire correct protective action to bring us back to robust health. Our system is always seeking balance, these molecules ensure the messages get through to enable the balancing act of health to be present.

Anna worked closely with the Medical Atomic Physicist Dr Gary Samuelson who discovered not only how to recreate these molecules outside of the human body, where they are usually made by mitochondria, but also to stabilise them into a supplement that can be either sipped or applied.

Why do we need supplementation if we already make them?

Because over the years our capacity to make RSM for our selves diminishes and therefore our ability to maintain the integrity of our cells decreases with a detrimental effect on our organs and structures. 

These molecules are essential in good quantity for our ability to combat inflammation, de-stress, access levels of cognitive clarity, physical endurance and strength. Low levels are seen in the elderly and worn out, when redox levels have declined severely.

In essence they are a breakthrough science in cellular rejuvenation from where all aspects of health can be restored.

With tons of science and studies, with certain organisations wanting to silence the technology, these miraculous molecules are available to you, through being introduced by a friend, who is there to support you through the process of re-engaging your top cellular discovery levels. Yes some detoxing is required and good levels of hydration essential.

Anna was drawn to RSM to help overcome Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which she is well over now. I’m finding the synergy with taking the fluid internally and running Qigong forms and flows is getting a deeper level of clearing and restoration, which includes my mind and the way I process information alongside physiological anomalies.

This discussion contains the scientific evidence on how RSM increase glutathione by 500% enabling effective detoxification processes to clear our loaded systems giving space for what we are here to birth into the world now.

Overall these molecules have helped millions of people in many countries regain their quality of life, hence why I cannot sit on this information any longer and am here to to help you find your way back to higher levels of health, like when you were young. I know they help to clear our loaded systems giving space for what we are here to birth into the world now.

Available in a liquid form and as a gel, these molecules heal burns before your very eyes,  reduce pain when applied to the area and have a rejuvenating effect on the face.

These products are non-toxic and can be used alongside other methods of self-care, including prescription drugs and nutritional supplements. In fact with healthier cells you will be able to make the most of what you ingest, with the right signals and pathways being patent and lit-up.

Curious to know how you can activate your original cellular replication?
Get your cells revitalised using the links below.
Asea is the only company in the world with the patent to produce these.

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? See this short video from Dr. David Silverman explaining how RSM’s work

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