Wednesday, November 29, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

50m freestyle routine for speed:

a) Diet rich in iron and minerals and be careful of quality and fresh produce (for example: red and dark red beans to help with blood, turnips, spinach leaves, a sponge-full of black vinegar, small hardboiled eggs, a bit of quality beef is alright but isn’t the best idea but alright, un-fluoridated water, almond milk, pasta, and some harp music) (diet to avoid: spicy food, wheat, barley, GMO produce, cereals, processed or inorganic food, sweets other than honey, too much salt [replace salt with black vinegar]) b) Sleep until energized in cool summer nights, usually early in the morning wake up by birds chirping c) Practice race-specific durations and distances, taper blues means the opposite of practicing more, but of recovery, as it is a sign of overtraining d) Smash into the water when reaching, let the air bubbles levitate the body upon the entry and then push powerfully in one motion, fill your lungs with air with “chi”, unlike distance swims — straight arm is good for distance swims, while bent elbows like McEvoy’s strokes are good for sprinting for short and mid distances up to 200m e) Focus on the surrounding sound of water and white noise f) Draft from your friend or your spouse below or at the feet area, and do it several times until a sudden realization of speed, in which, when burst out, will be retained in the magnetic memory of water. It is highly important to hold and retain your vital fluids for virility, in other words, sleep separately. Morning swims are best for quality and speed for race-specific intent, while after 6pm but before 9pm swims good for recovery and longer distances to build mitochondrial capacity for the energy/spirit for the next day training (search up the relation between short power bicycling and its relation with the heart function and mitochondria). Do not over-train, refer to the 50 backstroke todo items for the tough heart rate after repetitions. A shallow pool is good for less underwater training, but on top of the water. A deep pool is good for underwater training. A romanian boy stole some energy at an important swim meet in 2021. Vampire stories are real, the channel “Storied” explains just that (it has something to do with confused blood lust and men with men). Similarly, the guy in the red suit was about 5 foot 5 and went 23.4s, but someone green and greedy in the edge lane decided to steal some of his energy like how he did for my race in the 50 fly such that his performance would be enhanced in the individual finals, same with the 50 free with the guy in the red suit, otherwise the edge lane person wouldn’t be that fast at all, as the guy in the red suit’s individual 50 free was 24.3s and my 50 fly after a tiresome back to back 100 fly and 100 back at regions was 27.8 but somehow the next day when I should have recovered more I went 28.35 and wasn’t feeling the power and pull in the water, unlike the previous day —

hint: Use the BMI to convert the amount of iron in the blood to your height for your potential speed — 22.5 to 22.8 is the healthy BMI range for speed; A conservative estimate for the guy in red suit’s BMI at 22.4, weighing at 61 kg at that time roughly — the potential for a 1.88m tall swimmer at a healthy BMI would result in the ratio 61/81 ~= 3/4 such that the guy in the red suit will be about 3/4 the max potential for a WR swim for the 50 free SCM. Calculating the rough estimate, since water resistance is negligible as dolphins are large but still manage to move powerfully through the water through their high quality blood content, the record could potentially be (3)(23.4)/(4) = x, such that x will be roughly at most 17.55 for SCM, and can be lowered yet more. A strong and powerful man at his peak at 25 age has higher blood volume than a teenager. Drafting will speed up the process by a lot, as well as a brave and kind heart. Good luck, may the best man win.


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