Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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Doctor's Advice On How To PREVENT ALZHEIMER'S & Cognitive Decline | Dale Bredesen

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A decline in cognition, whether it’s forgetting names or just not being able to think as clearly as you once did, can be a scary thing. However, it’s possible to regain brain function and take back our lives. It’s important to start taking care of our brains early, as Alzheimer’s and dementia often develop up to 30 years prior to the onset of serious symptoms. Dr. Dale Bredesen talks about how adding in the right inputs, while taking out the offenders, can actually reverse the devastating symptoms of cognitive decline.

Also, Dr. Richard Isaacson discusses the importance of personalizing Functional Medicine care for patients who are suffering from cognitive decline.

Dr. Dale Bredesen is internationally recognized as an expert in the mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, and the author of the New York Times bestsellers The End of Alzheimer’s, The End of Alzheimer’s Program, and his latest book The First Survivors of Alzheimer’s: How Patients Recovered Life and Hope in Their Own Words.

Dr. Richard Isaacson serves as Director of the Center for Brain Health and Director of the Alzheimer’s Prevention Clinic (APC) at Florida Atlantic University’s Schmidt College of Medicine. He previously served as Director of the APC at the Weill Cornell Memory Disorders Program, Assistant Dean of Faculty Development, and Associate Professor of Neurology at Weill Cornell Medicine & NewYork-Presbyterian. He remains as Adjunct Associate Professor of Neurology in the Department of Neurology at Weill Cornell. Prior to that, he served as Associate Professor of Clinical Neurology, Vice-Chair of Education, and Education Director of the McKnight Brain Institute in the Department of Neurology at the University of Miami (UM) Miller School of Medicine. Prior to joining UM, he served as Associate Medical Director of the Wien Center for Alzheimer’s disease and Memory Disorders at Mount Sinai.


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20 thoughts on “Doctor's Advice On How To PREVENT ALZHEIMER'S & Cognitive Decline | Dale Bredesen
  1. Thank You Dr Hyman, I love the excellent work and research from all of your brilliant guests!
    This is definitely my favorite channel for functional medicine!

  2. 5:35 Melatonin
    7:00+- Melatonin
    12:22 Hieracium (sp?)
    12:55 Whole Coffee Food Extract
    13:33 7-8 Hydroxy flavone
    22:56 Pro biotics and pre biotics (jicama, hickamu?)
    23:24 Ketoflex 12-3
    23:40 Recommends simple keytone meter (plenty on amazon)
    23:51 Brain tends to run better 'running' on keytones vs glucose.
    24:01 Flexokeytoflex' (sp) Flexitarian; vegetarian or carnivore,
    (Wild caught fish / Grass Feed beef pastured chickens, not
    from 'hormone factories' etc, still though, not massive amts…)

  3. His command of our language is impeccable,
    and of course, I have very little to know idea
    about the technical/medical 'workings'/functions,
    but this Dr does not sound like a salesman, as is
    so very common with youtube medical 'experts'
    He must be a great lecturer, glad we get to listen
    to him here though, and not on some podium whereby you
    the sound is horrible, and you get constant, irritating
    disruptions. Of all the doctors I've listened to, this one
    is by far the most impressive, and I'm not even halfway through
    the video.

  4. Thanks Mark!
    And thanks for no midrolls, they just
    irritate everyone, no one watches them, they
    send viewers away, and drive retention scores
    down. I let opening and closing ads run, and
    always encourage others to do the same.

  5. How long will you continue to listen to words when you could also testify for yourself that Dr Oseghale Sunday Herbal Home medicine can actually cure Hsv1 ,2 permanently for 14days I’ve confirmed it thanks ? I will be forever Grateful….

  6. Wow this man Dr. Bredesen is an encyclopedia so full of knowledge. Amazing and useful info, you got to love YouTube and this channel. Thank you very much for posting it.

  7. I'll tell you exactly what disintigrated my grandmother into Alzheimer's

    1) lack of meat protein & fat
    2) low fat diet
    3) cholesterol medication
    4) high fiber
    5) statins

    Any doctor who recommends any of these things for your Alzheimer's relative is a hostile threat.

  8. God bless this great man called Dr. Ikpoko on YouTube, he help me with the remedy to cure herpes simplex virus and now am permanently heal from the virus

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