Wednesday, December 6, 2023

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15 thoughts on “"It's Like Pure Life Force" – Dr. Anthony Chaffee talks Carnivore
  1. Carb make you store fat because of insulin release.
    I can oveteat protein (meat) and fat with no carbs and get leaner.
    Carbs kill and builds fat.
    Meat heals and builds muscle.
    That's just a fact.

  2. I wish people who eat honey and fruit would STOP calling their diet 'carnivore'. They need to call their diet something else, then they wouldn't be so misleading or confusing to people who are trying to do carnivore!!!!!

  3. SO in terms of gaining weight, Chaffee can do it with just meat. You are eating carbs as far as I know. I cant seem to get past about 2lbs of meat per day, which isnt enough for me to gain weight and Id really like to do it without carbs. Whats the difference? Im thinking some of us are Pottenger's cats. Maybe liver issues hold back appetite.

  4. Thanks for this great converstion of 2 guys that I admire . In the first minutes you talk about hyperpalibity . I thnk that it comes more for the combination of fats and carbs together . The randle cycle is not something that is turn on and off it is always there with its hormonal and physiological consequences . For example in the past with some fruit and nuts in times of abundancy preparing for the winter //In min 31 Anthony says that fruits and vegetables are better that the rest of crap food. He is right but I thibk that words matter and maybe we should always talks in therms like " is less worst " . A huge hug from Barcelona for both of you and all our Tribe

  5. I love Dr. Chafee. Really speaks from well-formed opinions and is very thoughtful in his responses. Enjoyed this interview. Do you have any thoughts on fish oil supplements?

  6. Similar to the Coke response – many restaurants serve bread first while you’re waiting for your meal. This should make you feel full but actually acts as an appetiser, causing us to eat more. Whereas, a meat rich, low or zero carb meal doesn’t need appetiser or carb cravings for dessert in my experience.

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