Tuesday, November 28, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Solo Episode with Carrie: Understanding Mitochondria Beyond ATP

In this episode, Carrie goes over some of the many roles that mitochondria play beyond just “the powerhouse of the cell.” From a quantum perspective, mitochondria are sensors of the cell, body and environment. Carrie talks about how they do this and other key roles they play from biophoton signaling to changing DNA expression and more.

Carrie’s “Reverse Age Your Mitochondria Webinar”:

Carrie’s Foundational Online Course “Connect To The Light”:
-This course includes access to the Reverse Age Your Mitochondria Webinar, a private FB group and weekly live Zoom Q&A’s with Carrie to start implementing quantum health strategies into your daily lifestyle.


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6 thoughts on “Solo Episode with Carrie: Understanding Mitochondria Beyond ATP
  1. Thanks Carrie. Love the in depth.
    Question regarding light.
    I live in Australia. Do you think or know if sunlight entering through the southern hemisphere is qualitatively different to sunlight entering through the northern hemisphere?
    I ask because im aware that exposure to magnetic north and south poles cause opposite biological effects to eachother…
    I figure it may alter light also.

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