Tuesday, November 28, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Why Blood Sugar Matters with Dr. Casey Means

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This is the video cast of the Commune podcast with Jeff Krasno. In this episode, Jeff interviews Doctor Casey Means. Alzheimer’s looks very different from obesity, which we think of as different from stroke, depression, or infertility. But according to Dr. Casey Means, the root cause of our most common chronic diseases can be traced to metabolic dysfunction. In this episode, she and Jeff discuss what your blood sugar is trying to tell you — including the data your doctor is likely not looking for.

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7 thoughts on “Why Blood Sugar Matters with Dr. Casey Means
  1. You talk a lot about CGM, but you don't look like you would qualify for an RX of a CGM. I had a CGM (only because i am part of a study by ZOE), and i really loved wearing one, and even as expensive as they are, i would still pay for one out of my own pocket, but unfortunately, you need an RX for one, right? How are you so familiar with them? Is there any way to get a CGM if you are willing to pay out of your own pocket? Doctors won't prescribe except under very rare circumstances??

  2. update to my last comment. After a little research on Dr. Casey Means, i found she is part of a startup "LEVELS HEALTH", which includes CGM. I am very excited and have joined…thanks. Your video was very informative too….Good luck with your efforts and your good cause to improve health in America! Now i just wish food manufacturers would get on board…it is difficult to find "convenient" healthy food, without having to spend hours preparing. I wish they sold pre-packaged healthy food. Takes forever to cut up all the ingredients for a diverse microbiome. I am so sold on this stuff though and hope movements and improvements continue along these paths.

  3. I wonder what her opinion is of the "Mastering Diabetes" program, which claims to reverse diabetes/metabolic disorder using a very high carb very low fat plant-based diet.

  4. AS MORE THAN A 33-YEAR RESEARCH LAYPERSON on Natural Health Research and my Personal Life Style I agree with Dr. Casey and the Host Speaker. Yes, most all CDC names picked out of thin air named diseases are 100 percent prevented when the host will do the correct lifestyle change and food & beverage correction and stay the course. Later the Good Earth Chef Barry Anderson will upload to Youtube his mine documentary series on his Weight Loss success biography using real photos and transitions of his lifestyle in easy-to-understand layperson terms. Standing only 5 foot 3 inches tall and losing for good a whopping one hundred and eight-five pounds needs to be told ASAP in Video format on Youtube. Thank You for reading and commenting on this post. Holistic Chef Barry Anderson is co-founder of the Garden Villa Phuket Retirement Vacation Wellness Nature Retreat located on the resort island of Phuket Thailand. Thank You, PS a lot of blood count results are false because the human body will have a brand new blood supply 12 times per year on average.

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