Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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Post Viral Syndrome: Symptoms and Healing Protocol

You came down with a viral infection. You had a couple of rough days or weeks, but you finally recovered. Or maybe you didn’t? Even though the initial symptoms of your viral infections have passed, you are still not feeling well. You are tired. Maybe you have headaches, muscle pains, sleep issues, respiratory problems, or other nagging symptoms. Weeks, then months, pass, and you are still not your old self.

Post-viral syndrome refers to a group of symptoms that happen after a viral infection. These are chronic symptoms that can last for days, weeks, months, and in some cases, even years after recovering from the initial infection. Unfortunately, most doctors don’t know what to do with this, and other than some pain medication, you may not be getting much help. Fortunately, with the help of some functional lab testing, we can find the root cause of your issues and address them through nutrition, lifestyle, and supplementation.

In this video, I will discuss what post-viral syndrome is. You will learn about the major signs and symptoms of post-viral syndrome. You will learn about the connection between the cell danger response and post-viral syndrome. I will go over who is at most risk for post-viral syndrome.

I will talk about diagnosis and conventional treatment options for post-viral syndrome. I will discuss some important functional lab testing to uncover the root issues of post-viral syndrome. I will share my top natural support strategies for post-viral syndrome, including some key supplements. I will recommend a Cellular Energy Support Pack to support your health. For more info go here: https://drjockers.com/post-viral-syndrome/

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6 thoughts on “Post Viral Syndrome: Symptoms and Healing Protocol
  1. I'm very surprised to not see "hair loss" on the symptom list. I lost about 40% of my hair a few months after the first time I got covid, along with the other "long haul" symptoms.
    I'm definitely not deficient in vitamin d [I'm actually above 100], my fasting insulin is absolutely perfect. Actually, all my blood work is perfect … even all the micronutrients. I know this because I was already working with a functional medical doctor for neurological stuff [she said I had the best initial blood work she's ever seen]. I'm really not sure why I had long covid … and I've also had covid 2 more times, though very, very mold those last 2 times. [The first time really what made it difficult was I got pneumonia.]

  2. Wow! Crazy coincidence that all these "long covid" symptoms were listed as vax injuries?!

    "5.3.6 cumulative analysis of post-authorization adverse event reports"

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